“Microsoft Teams” May Be The New Slack Competitor: As discussed in the earlier post regarding the release of the Slack competitor from Microsoft in the upcoming event of Microsoft. It was titled as “Skype Teams” earlier but now some change in the name has been made according to the source news it will be called as “Microsoft Teams” now on since the release time.

This news was discovered when the internal beta test login page for service was earlier directed to teams.skype.com but since a few days back the URL is redirecting the link to the location as teams.microsoft.com, which creates possibilities for the change of name from “Skype Teams” to “Microsoft Teams” & it is also a better name as in most of the opinions.

“Microsoft Teams” May Be The New Slack Competitor”:

This slack competitor is expectedly scheduled to be unveiled during the Microsoft Event which is to be held on 26th of October this year,  that means less than 2 hours to go. As of now Microsoft is also focused on working professionals so using the Microsoft Teams brand may be a better idea during the long-running schedule.

Slack Competitor
Slack Competitor may get named: “Microsoft Teams” now.

You all need not be hopeless if the official announcement regarding the so-called “Microsoft Teams” is not made during the tomorrows Microsoft Event then it will surely be unveiled during the Office event which is scheduled the very next week. So have patience & get ready to access the new competitor of Slack, but it will not be much surprising to use it as the so-called “Microsoft Teams” icons easily gets fitted with each other Office icons.


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