iPhone 8 Design
iPhone 2017 May Feature All Glass Design

2017 iPhone Will Include Glass Backing And Comes In 3 Models: After rushing of iPhone 7 is finished later and Apple starts their journey to 2017 iPhone Anniversary Edition. People are expecting that Apple will reinvent iPhone from top to bottom as they will again introduce glass back as using Aluminium back from iPhone 5 to iPhone 7. Apple will also likely to introduce a 5-inch model of iPhone 8as new option for the user including 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch.

Apple has decided they will introduce all glass model in all these iPhone, as Apple will depart their metal casing from current gen iPhone. All another element of devices will also user glass as according to the source.

2017 iPhone Will Include Glass Backing And Comes In 3 Models:

Last month, KGI advised that 2017 iPhone will have all glass backing, as Apple will likely to bring new glossy feed into iPhone 8 same as Jet Black in iPhone 7. But the glass surface shatter when comes in contact with drop or dent as compared to Aluminium backing.

The design of iPhone 8 has overall same as iPhone 4 with glass backing and metal frame around the device. Apple will likely to differentiate all the model separately as higher end model will include stainless steel while lower relies on Aluminium. Apple will also expect to introduce OLED display in upcoming iPhone as display sizes may also receive some bump. As 5.5-inch Plus model will become 5-8-inch with the same form factor.

Apple will also make display curve so the user can easily hold the device and Palm rejection and other things also matter in this type of display. The new iPhone thought to be more immersive and having potential give hard competition to other.

So these are the new expectation from Cupertino giants and it’s around one year of time that Apple introduce new iPhone 8 so Apple has to develop something amazing which are like by all user around the World.


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