Everthing You Need To Know About Apple MacBook Pro 2016: After span of 18 Month of Wait Apple finally launches their new MacBook Pro. As the Apple 27th Oct event is focused on MacBook Pro as Apple has completed 25 Years Laptop Product line up on 25th Oct 1991. Apple kick off the event with update of iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV then the event goes to MacBook Pro to lure Apple Fans.

New MacBook Pro comes with lots of new feature which made day to day task more easy but with very hefty price tag. New MacBook Pro include thinner new design, New Display, Fast RAM, Faster Storage, Lots of Type-C Ports, Faster GPU, OLED TouchBar and Much More as expected.img_2440

Apple has made many significant changes which also made Mac fans little disappointed as MagSafe Connector in no more in Mac new device, No Apple Glowing Logo, Lower Option has not Pro Performance and much more. But feature Apple provide new MacBook Pro compensate other things. Talking about new MacBook Pro their is lots of change so without further ado let’s get started.

Everthing You Need To Know About Apple MacBook Pro 2016

Thinner Design & Faster Performance

New MacBook Pro has become more thinner than MacBook Air and comes closer to 12-inch MacBook. MacBook Pro comes in two model 13-inch(with TouchBar and without TouchBar) and 15-inch with storage option.img_2434

New Design is revamped so much that this design looks more awesome than previous and color option made things more interesting. As Pro has two color option including Space Grey and Silver Option. New MacBook is One Pound Less than their previous Gen with approx 17% reduce in thinness.

Apple also changes the way we use laptop as they made Force Trackpad 2x Larger than previous with same Haptic Feedback. As Larger TrackPad help user to perform all gesture more easily.

Keyboard in new MacBook Pro has 2nd Gen Butterfly Mechanism Keyboard same found in 12-inch MacBook with little tweaks. This keyboard enhance user experience with less key travel and low latency which is loved by many user.

All these things packed in less than a mm device but the main things focuses is on performance and MacBook Pro is here to perform same as user requirements but 13-inch Model with no TouchBar is no so competitive to come in MacBook Pro range which made little bit of disappointment.

Talking about specs Apple uses Intel 6th Gen Skylake Processor with option of Core i5 and Core i7. 13-inch all model has Dual Core CPU with option of Core i5 and Core i7 with Intel Iris HD 540, 550, 530 series the mainstream device is 15-inch Pro both option has Quad Core i7 Processor With AMD Integrated Graphic Processor which really made this notebook for tag name and all other device won’t match this tag “Pro”.img_2437

New MacBook Pro also include twice as loud speakers which sounds really awesome and even fills two room with optimum sound and quality. Apple increase volume but also increase Bass, Vocal and other aspects which made sound even more sound nice.img_2438

MacBook Pro also received a performance bump in Storage and RAM. As Apple uses 3.1GB/s Flash which is twice fast while in RAM Apple also update RAM with higher Mhz of RAM which made this device super fast and fluid in terms of experience. Starting Model of MacBook is now come with storage option of 256GB and way upto 1TB.

In terms of Port Apple relies on Quad Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 Mixed Ports as Apple removes most beloved MagSafe connector. But this new Connector has comes with new benefit as all ports can be used as charging which becomes more convenient for user to charger and pull wire. Apple uses Thunderbolt 3 technology which made higher level of data transfer, Video even Graphics Enhancer can able to work with device. Their are many benefit of this port a so user will love this port but in future as USB Type-C is not in too much fashion but this Notebook Ports soon come into fashion.img_2439


Apple new TouchBar really revolutionises the way we use laptop as this technology is implemented earlier but many manufactures won’t able to provide this level of satisfaction. While using TouchBar which made this Notebook way better than Windows Touch Display which wont use by many times as this Notebook and Touch Screen really wont productive as this Touch Bar.img_2435

TouchBar is made up of OLED Display which looks really nice and vibrant. If we define TouchBar in one word it just “Dynamic” as TouchBar can reform itself according to app you are using. As this TouchBar can be use by any professional even they are Editor, Writer, Developers, Normal User, DJ and much more you think of. This Dynamic TouchBar redefine Notebook industry who thinks touch screen device is really the future of Notebook but this is the perfect solution for each and everything.

TouchBar include Touch ID which 2nd Gen earlier use in iPhone 6s and 7. TouchID is so blazing fast you ever think off and even secure same as iPhone as Apple uses new T1 Chip which stores all the info of your fingerprint. You can made Apple Pay Purchase or Identify Person Account if Mac is run by two user. TouchID made things more easier and fast than previous gen.

Retinal Display

New MacBook Pro Retinal Display is just amazing with same resolution but having 500 nits brightness, more sharper image quality and even 25% of Wider Color Gamut which also helps Pro to get highest ever detail possible. New Retinal Display is really looks awesome and even more vivid. Using this device in outside of your house display look stunning and detailing even brightness is approx 50 %.img_2436


Battery life in New MacBook Pro is still remains 10 Hour as like previous devices but this not enough. Talking about overall looks, design, performance and usability the new MacBook Pro is stunning and surely lies in user hearts.

Pricing of new MacBook Pro is increased by $200 which so bad so fans as technology is applied to mass adaptation not some. The lowest config MacBook Pro 13-inch without TouchBar starts at $1499 and 13-inch Touch Bar Model with 256GB Storage Cost about $1799. The last 15-inch model is about $2799. Which way above than previous genimg_2441

As Apple won’t release any MacBook Air model which disappoints many Mac Fans and even Mac Mini and iMac won’t get upgrade which also disappoints users. So these are the verge on Apple new MacBook Pro 2016 while in our review session we are using MacBook Pro 15-inch which is going to be shipped after 3Week until then Good Bye but stayed tuned to us for more.


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