What VoLTE Means? This One will Definitely Help You Know: Now in this 4G Generation, we have become habitual of using higher speeds of networks. Each & every user is willing to have the fastest as well as the best data carrier for browsing and downloading. And in this tough fight, we have been introduced with a new technology that most of us are already using but many of us still can’t figure it out properly. To make you all understand the technology which you have been using for communication through mobile phones which have up to 3 times more voice & data capacity than 3G UMTS & also 6 times more than 2G GSM. So without getting much-delayed state get started with the in-depth of VoLTE now.

VoLTE: Loud & Clear
VoLTE: Loud & Clear

What VoLTE Means? This One will Definitely Help You Know:

VoLTE basically stands for Voice over Long-Term Evolution. That is based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) i.e. an architectural framework that provides standards for delivering voice or other multimedia services over IP (like Skype). As the name suggested, Voice over LTE happens when a particular carrier allows placing a phone call over LTE connection instead of the more common voice networks.

VoLTE Services
VoLTE Services

The dependency on the circuit switched voice network is no more a requirement to be maintained. So using VoLTE you will not face any problems like in Verizon phones which were not able to use voice & data simultaneously. AT & T and T-Mobile also relied on the combination of LTE for data & HSPA+ for calls, that dropped down to 3G signals while taking voice calls on the other line. Through VoLTE you are able to use more bandwidth for high-quality audio transmission during  phone calls.

VoLTE: Roaming Services
VoLTE: Roaming Services

If you are using VoLTE and doing a voice call with someone using VoLTE, the immediate difference in the quality of the call is observed on both ends.

Voice Quality over VoLTE:

So when summarizing we will have to say that VoLTE or voice over LTE simply means that your voice quality won’t reduce even if your data is turned on while making and receiving a call. Over VoLTE the call quality is superior to that of 3G or 2G connections also more data transmission can happen over 4G than 2G or 3G. Up to three times as much data as 3G and up to six times as much as 2G to be precise, making it easier to make out not only what the person on the other end of the line is saying, but also their tone of voice. Essentially it’s an HD voice call and it’s a much richer experience overall.

VoLTE: Voice over LTE
VoLTE: Voice over LTE

While the VoLTE revolution has been slow and steady, it’s good to see that most of the companies have already moved on wth the new Technology for a better user experience & service.

VoLTE: Technical Benefits
VoLTE: Technical Benefits

Companies that Launched VoLTE:

Now there are many companies that launched & extended the VoLTE support to many of the smartphones & some of them are listed below:

VoLTE Services
VoLTE Services

1) Singtel (Singapore Telecommunication Limited):

Singtel in May 2014 introduced VoLTE in Singapore. It was the world’s first commercial “full-featured” VoLTE service which was only in combination with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & was then used subsequently  in Samsung Galaxy S6 series, iPhone 6s, Sony Xperia Z3+, Sony Xperia Z5 premium & LG G4.

2) Verizon:

It rolled out its VoLTE in September 2014 & since that time also began building its newer high-end products from Samsung, LG & Motorola. Also bundled its HD Voice brand which involved video & Wi-Fi calling on VoLTE enabled devices while staying on a phone call & connecting to others with much higher quality.

3) AT&T:

Launched VoLTE in May 2014 with most of the devices supporting the feature & also bundled with its HD voice brand.

4) T-Mobile:

Launched its VoLTE service in May 2014 and claims to be having about 50% customers making calls on its network using this new standard.

5) Reliance Jio:

It commercially announced the launch of 100% VoLTE service without 2G/3G based services in India on 5th of September this year.

6) Orange Polska:

Commercial launching of the VoLTE service through Orange Polska was done in October 2016 in Poland.

7) Telstra:

On 16th of September, 2015 the company announced VoLTE  across the network that included National Broadband Network & some Enterprise services with HD handsets.


SEATEL Cambodia announced the world’s first commercial 100% VoLTE service without 2G/3G in Cambodia on 11 July 2015.

9) KT (a South Korean Telecom Company):

The same year in 2014 itself another Korean company i.e. KT showcased the world’s first cross-border roaming services that were based on Voice over LTE. In the work to develop VoLTE roaming services, it partnered with China Mobile later on.


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