iPhone 8 Will Surely Use OLED Display: Apple newest focus in hardware industry is 10th Anniversary iPhone 2017 which is going to launch on next year in September. Leaks and rumors are start hitting the rows and people start to expect what will happen in next iPhone. As expectation, next iPhone will be 10th iPhone in a row so Apple will dramatically change all the stuff of iPhone. Apple iPhone is one of the first lineup having 10 years of history and emphatic as no other smartphone lineup will ever cross this line.

According to reports, new iPhone will introduce OLED display as Apple is making some agreement with Sharp which will make future OLED displays. By options OLED display Apple can use their many feature or upcoming feature in upcoming iOS. Reports are also claiming that Apple will introduce 3 Models for upcoming iPhone.

While in recent iPhone Apple is using LTPS (low temperature poly-silicon) to OLED panels. After the Foxconn purchase of Sharp was finalized in August, later are saying that new OLED panel will make its appearance in 2017 iPhone.

According to Bloomberg Apple will use OLED display until 2018. Apple next iPhone will surely call as iPhone 8 according to rumors, Apple will also bring home button on the home screen within built Touch ID.

The OLED display will offer sharper color, accurate color, deeper black, as compared to LTPS screens that iPhone is using today. Apple is using OLED panel after used by another competitor like Samsung, LG or Motorola. Apple has made other display like TouchBar in MacBook Pro or Apple Watch. Apple Watch is using brightest display ever.

According to Sharp as their spokesman has said that they will make OLED panels in the US which surely indicate Apple.

While previous leaks are suggesting that Apple and Samsung are together making a Curved OLED panel for iPhone. Apple has many best suppliers which fulfills Apple need and also provide better quality.


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