iPhone 8 Will Feature A Bezel-Less Design: Finally, the leaks and rumors of upcoming iPhone 7 are started as Barclays supply chain analysts are weighing in on their production of iPhone 8. As they claim that the 2017 iPhone will feature a bezel-less design including both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. As this bezel-less design in not, new many other manufacturers are also trying to achieve this as new Mi Mix from Xiaomi is the result of innovation.

iPhone 8 Will Feature A Bezel-Less Design:

Apple also trying made their display bezel so that they can make new iPhone look better. Apple also making the display bigger by increasing the screen size for both the model as the current device has 4.7-inch for iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch for iPhone 7 Plus but Apple made the new display as 5-inch for iPhone 8 and 5.8-inch display for iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple also revolutionizes other parts of the device as they may integrate the Touch ID home button into the front display in order to remove the bottom plastic ‘chin’. Apple also patented numerous patent which includes in screen home button, FaceTime camera is behind the display and many other too.

Analysts are claiming that the design of new iPhone is still now confirmed and may develop in future. Barclays analysts earlier give reliable leaks from previous iPhone including iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 and leaks are same as they are said. Apple will include new OLED technology for new iPhone will feature an all-glass design with an AMOLED screen.

Apple for the first time increases the display of iPhone even further as they will increase the display 0.3-inch as the bezel-less display may make screen appears so less. And new design. Should lure the heart away from the customer with a new design and fantastic feature.


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