AirPods New Headphone Patent Design
AirPods New Headphone Patent Design

Apple new AirPods are getting too late release date of AirPods. The Much Wireless music lover is eagerly waiting for new AirPods including me as this headphone have seamless integration between Apple Ecosystem while also uses as a pair of headphone for other, a little case which made the device work for 20 hours including this feature made this headphone far better than other.

While Apple started their other venture for music lover as Apple made a new patent today with some essential update wearable sports and health tracking device invention sounds too good as this feature were found in new AirPods.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark office published an Apple patent on Tuesday with the title “Sports monitoring system for headphones, earbud, and headsets,” as these pair of technology match Bose thinking as Bose headphone are not so smart headphones. As these patent are pointing towards new Apple venture to made new pair smart headphone with same technology use in recent AirPods.

Talking about patent design an earbud-based fitness monitoring system which integrates an advanced biometric sensor that can detect physiological metrics including temperature, heart rate, perspiration levels and more, through skin contact and via built-in motion sensors.

AirPods Headphone New Patent Design
AirPods Headphone New Patent Design

Apple also made some to made new pair of headphone smarter as they introduce new head based gesture which recognizes user motion of the head and responds to it. Apple also made some gesture to voice and touch all these gestures were controlled by Apple design “W” “series chipset. The headphone also have microphones which can listen and voice command from speakers and sends information to Siri.

Recent AirPods have received some delays as Apple is still not preparing as according to reports issues is the new sensor like infrared and motion sensor for controlling various system function create some issue to Apple. As these sensor made AirPods most advanced pair of headphone as when the user is not wearing the headphone sound won’t come and when they wear sound start coming.

While the new gen. Apple Wireless Headphone will also feature more futuristic hardware including new Motion tracking and other tracking made headphone more health-effective while more secure.

Talking about the availability of AirPods Apple may release new AirPods somewhere in January Next Month or maybe next month. So get ready to rock the holiday with the new pair of headphone until then good bye.


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