MacBook Pro 2016 inside
MacBook Pro 2016 inside

MacBook Pro Teardown from iFixit Team NonRepairable Mac Ever: Finally much rumored and anticipated Notebook, MacBook Pro with TouchBar is here as you can now buy MacBook from Stores. New MacBook Pro with TouchBar catches much attention of the user and Pro’s as new MacBook Pro is Faster, Better and have TouchBar. iFixit guys finally spare out whole MacBook Pro as let us know which really sits inside. Both models of MacBook 13″ and 15″ have identical from the inside.

Apple this time made hardly to swipe part from MacBook as SSD are solder inside so you may have to pull the SSD to increase the space while other parts like RAM is also-also fit inside the Mac and hard to replace. Apple uses this technique to reduce space and make a connection on board faster. There is some disadvantages like you can’t upgrade SSD and when Logic Board dies your memory will also. As this is PCIe SSD if over voltage or current situation erupts SSD damage also increase.

MacBook Pro 2016 Logic Board
MacBook Pro 2016 Logic Board

iFixit teams reach inside new MacBook and find a difference in new TrackPad. This humongous trackpad which gives a user more free space for do their gesture and easily operate the device. Apple threw in an extra Broadcom Touch Controller IC to handle all of that extra touchable glass. The user also loves this TrackPad also loved to uses all their Mac gesture easily.

One other difference in MacBook Pro is new fan Blades become more larger to dissipate more heat out of the board while keep the device stay cool. As in heavy load and benchmark, device shows very positive sign of Coolness. New Fans also received new design change which captures more heat in blocks.

Apple also makes up fool with new Speaker Grills as Speaker are placed down the grills as 13″ finally have slimmer design Grills but all these jus a cosmetics. But these cosmetic steps help Apple to hold more cool Air inside the board so that Cooler work more efficiently.

New MacBook Pro has received 1 out 10 repairability score but the cost is just way high so how people even use MacBook after warrant ends Apple has to think on certain topics and made the device more repairable.


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