Qualcomm’s Processor Leaks Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 660: Qualcomm new flagship processor is setting up for next years release as in the recent event Qualcomm clears that they’ll produce a 10nm FinFet manufacturing process with help from Samsung. In the event isn’t revealed more of the processor but new leaks are saying that new Snapdragon processor are insane.

Qualcomm’s Processor Leaks Snapdragon 835 and Snapdragon 660:

Talking about recent leaks a Chinese tech site anzhuo.cn has revealed specs for new gen Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile processor. As Qualcomm name the processor as Snapdragon 835 which seems that 830 processor is not the big step but Snapdragon will surely introduce Snapdragon 830 some while in future. Snapdragon 835 will based on a new gen Kryo 200 CPU architecture, which will introduce a octa core processor while these processor will divide them self in low power core and high power core same as Apple A10 Chipset. In recent leaks their is no mention about the clock speed while we will get new Adreno 540 GPU and Company also include X16 LTE modem for high speed LTE network, as network future like 5G is still not processed yet. As we compared with last year flagship 820 which has a quad core CPU, with Adreno 530 GPU and X12 LTE modem

Leaks also mentioned new affordable range of Snapdragon CPU 660 which has Samsung’s 14nm FinFit manufacturing process, thisis also a quad core CPU with Four 2.2GHz Core and Four 1.9 GHz cores. This new chipset also introduce Adreno 512 GPU, with X10 based LTE modem, LPDDRX-1886 memory and UFS 2.1 flash memory. This mid range processor has more power than this gen Snapdragon Flagship so it is interesting to see how Qualcomm’s manages that.

There are much more interesting feature both these processor will feature as Quick Charge 4.0 and Smallest FinFet Technology by Samsung. Both these chipset smartphone may launch in Q2 of 2017. For more Android and Tech News please stick to Tech Awareness.


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