iPhone 8 Feature All Glass Design and Wireless Charging: Apple new iPhone 8 rumors are keeping more pace as this year design not much impress user but Apple new tenth anniversary iPhone will have the spectacular feature as well as design. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo one of most renowned leaskter for Apple products claims that next year iPhone 8 will feature a Glass Design with Wireless charging. But Apple offers these charges as accessories stuff as it does not include in packing as this charger will be made by Pegatron Apple production partner.

iPhone 8 Feature All Glass Design and Wireless Charging:

As these features are not new to smartphones but main excitement is that how Apple will introduce these feature. Apple will also introduce OLED display in iPhone which will so much great to see as Apple recent Retinal Display in iPhone 7 has a spectacular display with wider color Gamut and nice color reproduction. But the new OLED display may also produce an awesome display. Including Wireless charging in recent iPhone also rumored so many days but the speculation finishes when it release. Apple also conducting test regarding wireless charger as how this technology is successful and can easily use by people.

The metal design has limitation to Wireless charging so new Glass design may also reduce this issue as Metal design Wireless device are not efficiently charger as Glass design will which means that this is an important puzzle piece for Apple. Apple chief designer Jony Ive is said to have wanted to create an all-glass iPhone for quite a few years. So it also interesting to see how Ive crafts this iPhone and made while glass body. Kuo isn’t sure that will Apple provide a Wireless charger in the box of the device or sell this as additional accessories.

The analyst is busy in making prediction to what to expect in next iPhone and how Apple will introduce this product. Kuo and many other analysts have predicted many features which people wanted in next iPhone so this expectation and teaser will renaming over the course of a year so stay tuned to us.


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