MacBook Pro 2016: Life with Lots of Cable: After the release of new MacBook Pro Apple is trying to make people carry extension as in iPhone 7 the remove headphone jack which shows their courage and now they remove all the USB Type-A Port, SD card ports, and MagSafe Connector. As these feature made people sad about new MacBook Pro as they always carry extension to use their devices like iPhone 7, External Device and more as this situation made people life not easy but more complex as they have to purchase this laptop along with all the extension which Apple provide separately for the high cost.

As this removal is not so new to people as Apple is widely known to remove some standard feature from a device from very long and many time they were also right about it like CD drive which is finally removed from all the industry standard laptops. But the world still uses DVD or CD as they store their memories these. But if a person wants to use its DVD or CD in new MacBook they have to buy Apple external driver which will able to run CDs or DVDs. There are also many other scenarios in which new MacBook Pro fails like an if a camera professional wants to connect its camera to device or wanted to attach memory card how they can take benefit of new MacBook Pro which is made by Pro’s he has to carry a card reader accessory to use their device or wants a Type-C USB cable.

MacBook Pro 2016: Life with Lots of Cable:

Both these issue are controversial as Apple is trying to say that all these are age old technology while they also provide a high-cost extension which is not so good. I Personally use MacBook for many purposes like Editing, Coding, Listening and much more but the extension issue made so much hard to use this device as while traveling you will have to carry some extension. Sometimes it is hard to remember which cable attach to which ports. All these issues puncture user satisfaction as people aren’t happy to use these cable and Apple products are designed for simplicity, not complexity.

MacBook Pro 2016 USB Extension And Connector
MacBook Pro 2016 USB Extension And Connector

It is good to move ahead of the technology by how far as this technology change cause inconvenience to a user as this new MacBook Pro forces people to carry all these stuff with themselves. As USB Type-A does not become industry old technology so mixing all these ports with Type-C Equipped Thunderbolts is not the solution for simplicity. As people also know these ports are capable of doing anything from Charging to Video Output as one cable is a solution for all. But Apple has to wait for little more years to introduce these standard cables.

MacBook Pro 3.0 USB Connector
MacBook Pro 3.0 USB Connector

I already using MacBook for now little while but this issue really made me sad as Apple is charging $1499 for Last Gen Core i5 Dual Core model which is not able to do anything apart from Final Cut Pro. Making a Notebook which is capable of performing only a single App is not good. Talking about cable Apple has to provide certain Cable for an extension as purchasing all these cables made you spend extra $30 while Apple can provide all these as a solution inside packing. People are also not happy as for how Apple treat Software developers as earlier MacBook Pro or Air are built for everyone but now if remain only for Editor as Apple should have to do something or they have to face some criticism of People.


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