Apple is working on next gen 3D Camera in iPhone 8: Apple new iPhone leaks are going to be more compelling as new OLED display and Wireless charging is too much to fanaticism fans while new leaks are pointing towards that Apple will approach to a 3D world of Photography. A brief report in the Korea Economic Daily claims that Apple is working with LG on a new dual camera module which enables 3D photography to iPhone as this feature may like matching with Microsoft new Creators update. Recent Camera module in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is already built by LG and this new technology will also.

Apple is working on next gen 3D Camera in iPhone 8:

The LG Innotek system is said to that next-gen iPhone model will have some 3D capabilities as they won’t clear any more information regarding this. Apple has already patented this technology many years back, as this technology may open doors for many revolutionary update and product line like macOS having 3D application compatible, new VR headset for seeing this more clear and deeper. Apple may use two camera setup to create a 3D effect in 2D photos as it uses parallax effect to create a 3D model of the scene camera will also be able to understand the front and background clearly.

Apple may also introduce Portrait mode in next gen iPhone in both models as this require more compact camera setup and more small camera and LG will also accept this challenge also provide something better in next gen.

3D Camera will revolutionize the way we capture our daily memory and the effect which it produce is something more amazing. So all these leaks pointing toward amazing product next year as Apple will introduce a tenth anniversary iPhone.


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