Apple New Patent Glass Enclosure Which Will Perfect iPhone 8 Design: iPhone 8 leaks are blowing hole internet as it includes many new technologies like 3D Camera, OLED display, Glass Design Body, Wireless Charging and much more to come. Apple wanted to make next gen iPhone perfect than ever as it remarks tenth iPhone so Anniversary edition of iPhone will be much like by the user. Apple has filed a mew patent in which the whole device is wraparound glass enclosure that may be introduced in next year model as leaks are saying that iPhone 8 will feature glass design. Apple also made this glass sheet thin and light but also account strength, scratch resistant and radio-transparent.

Apple New Patent Glass Enclosure Which Will Perfect iPhone 8 Design:

Previous iPhone like iPhone 4 and 4s feature Glass body design but Aluminium is the base of the device Apple this year Apple wanted to take the innovation to make iPhone 8 Curved out of glass which means that they will ditch metal from iPhone base.

Apple also started testing this new Patent as how this will stand against user standard and will tackle user day to day work, like dropping, throwing, scratch and so on. Apple title this patent as “Glass enclosure”. It describes a tube in a number of different shapes that can house a smartphone from all sides.

Apple New Patent Glass Enclosure Which Will Perfect iPhone 8 Design
Apple New Patent Glass Enclosure Which Will Perfect iPhone 8 Design

Apple will also use a flexible display in iPhone 8 which made adjustment more precise and easy for Apple, Apple mention about LCD panel in the patent but will use the OLED panel as many test and order were given from Apple to produce such stuff.

Apple also describes a method of manufacturing these enclosures for wireless communication devices. Apple will craft while Glass in design they want to provide holes for button and ports. Apple also adds chamfered edges on the sides which iPhone 8 to use more comfortable while easy to use.

After this step they will apply the protective coating and inspect the part then they’ll apply components to the device and ready to go. There are many advantages of glass tube rather than using a full metal enclosure, as it is made up of different layers dust and water resistance become easier. As Apple remove metal which means that there’s no need of antenna band because the enclosure won’t interfere with wireless radio.

Even tough Glass in more fragile than aluminum but how Apple shows us in past year which means that Glass has more strength than Aluminium as we compared drop test of iPhone 7 and iPhone 4, iPhone 7 will shatter into pieces but iPhone 4 still live. So these are the facts of using this technology.


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