What is LED?

What is LED?
Light Emitting Diode

What is LED?: You might hear of LED in your smartphones, bulbs, cars and much other stuff, LED has been used by each and every industry so what is LED led a major question, how they work and what are their possibilities. We talk about these major question in this article so let’s get started.

What is LED?:

LED is called as Light Emitting Diode which is basically a semiconductor. LED is not new to our worlds as the uses of LED was appear in 1962 as an infrared device, as the time passes research and development take place, Advancement in LED whole new level. As today we are using LED in our daily life from our smartphone display to our bedrooms light all these are LED, usage of LED has got pace in recent years as many industries has put emphasis on LED for lighting purposes. These Industries include Lighting Industry, Automobile Industry, Electronics Industry, Electrical Industry, Aviation Industry and more.

What is LED Diagram
What is LED?

How LED Works?

LED are made up of P-N Junction Diode, Type of Semiconductor which emits lights when activated. When a current pass through the LED, the energy release from LED is in the form of Photos which made electroluminescence (means Color) and this how LED produce color.

LED Diagram
LED Diagram

Possibilities of LEDs:

So why these industry uses LED as there are many other light sources are available in the world, so why LED.

Advantages of LEDs:

Use of LED have many advantages as compared to incandescent light LEDs are power efficient, longer lifetime, smaller size and fast switching. Though this LED is more expensive than incandescent light but power efficiency we get from LEDs is not possible with incandescent light.

Use of LED is Displays of TV, Computer Monitor, Smartphone gives meow wider color gamut as we are able to achieve most accurate color which human eye can detect, while advancement in LEDs leads us to another type of LEDs like OLED, AMOLED and many other as these have the benefit of their own. LED also provide us most power efficient , more color accurate, wider pixel range, high pixel density in displays.

Future of LED:

As many companies are developing more advanced LEDs which produces more light with even less power as many of companies also achieve it, other companies are also developing other LED technology like OLED or AMOLED for many uses like Making a panel less display, uses of LED for Medical purposes and many other factors.

LED industry has grown million of time in past 10 years and also receive more bump as time passes. So this is LED hope you may find this article informative, if you find any trouble regarding this article or if any information is wrong please lets us know in comment section below.


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