VLC Media Player Preview: Bringing 360 degree video playback for Mac, iOS support by 2017: With the release of VLC 3.0 first preview version you all can experience the 360 degree video playback very easily on your very own Mac using nothing else other than the most renowned VLC Media Player App. The preview version of VLC 3.0 includes support for watching immersive spherical videos on MacOS. But as it’s still just a technical preview those who are thinking of trying it should limit their expectations as it may be buggy sometimes.

VLC Media Player Preview: Bringing 360 degree video playback for Mac, iOS support by 2017:

VLC application that lets you play basically any video format on practically any platform, is now ready to bring in a support for a whole new medium. They have just unveiled a technical preview that will enable its desktop app to play 360 degree videos. The preview is now available for Windows & Mac & hopefully the full version will be arriving somewhere by the starting of 2017 with VLC 3.0 arrival.

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VLC Media Player Preview: 360 degree Video Support

There is also a big relief foe Mac users, as we all know the Mac hardware is lacking motion tracker features, so in the case navigation controls requires mouse & keyboard input, but VideoLAN says iOS support is coming in the future for 360 degree video playback on iPhone & iPad too.

The 360 degree media support also extends its support to photos not only remaining up to the videos. So one can view panoramic pictures & feel like if you were present at the place where the image has been clicked. VLC 3.0 includes three models for 360 degree content – zoom, little planet & reverse little planet. The makers of VLC also worked with a company named Giroptic in helping them build & successfully test the new 360 degree media feature.

A separate version for Windows is also available & now it is very clear that VLC is making a big push in enabling VR experiences across all of it’s supported platforms & that’s a great news for all of us.


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