iPad Pro 2017 Will Feature A 10.9-inch Display According To Reports: Apple is preparing for the next year event of new iPad Pro which will have some major changes which change the iPad basics, as rumored from a reliable Japanese site Makotakara says that new iPad Pro has 10.9-inch display instead of 9.7-inch in current Gen. while the form factor and overall volume of design will remain same.

iPad Pro 2017 Will Feature A 10.9-inch Display According To Reports:

As this information is confirmed by supply chain sources in Taiwan, the site says that the larger screen size will be offset by a smaller bezel. As obvious, the top side panel has FaceTime Camera while on the downside it has TouchID button. As will introduce new Force TouchID in newer iPad but Apple may not put it because there is any place to put haptic engine as Apple packed iPad with battery. Apple may also remove physical home button in iPhone 8 according to reports while iPad may be the first device to have it.

Earlier iPad Pro Version
Earlier iPad Pro Version

Apple will also increase the thickness of new iPad Pro to  7.5mm, the same thickness as iPad Air which was released two years ago, As Apple has to manage all the spacing inside the iPad so they can add more battery and other stuff to made iPad more fancy. As this might be the first time Apple may increase the size of any product which means that Apple is serious about new iPad as both hardware and software this time may complete the whole device.

As earlier leaks from KGI analysts says the new iPad Pro feature a 10.5-inch display which is finally changes to 10.9-inch in recent leaks. As iPad 10.9-inch can fulfill the demand of each and every market which uses iPad which means that it is best for Study while Business purposes. While it still unclear that what Apple is up to. While Apple is bringing OLED and other fantastic feature in 2018 iPad Pro so if you want a feature proof iPad Pro to wait until 2018.


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