Microsoft’s Surface Phone Rumored to be Tested for Snapdragon 835 Processor with 6GB RAM: The news & rumors of the Microsoft’s smartphone series are relatively very rare when compared to other smartphones. According to sources, Microsoft is all set to test the newer line up of its smartphone rumorly named as Surface phone with all new Snapdragon 835 processor & 6 GB of RAM. Also it has been found that the newly manufactured smartphone device from Microsoft’s flagship will be supporting Quick charge 4.0 to improve charging efficiency. It has been discovered through the rumors that Microsoft is also working for the concept of 3 in 1 implementation format & hence they are preparing a variety of laptop docking stations for the surface phones.

Microsoft’s Surface Phone Rumored to be Tested for Snapdragon 835 Processor with 6GB RAM:

The screen resolution might be of Quad HD resolution & this time it may feature a 5.5” inches of display with the smartphone device. The on board architecture is of Windows 10 Mobile 64 bit & they may work for the X86 emulation on ARM64, that will allow the applications to work on X86 terminals with ARM chipsets. So the device will be able to run X86 applications in Continuum.

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Microsoft Surface Phone: Who said What?

The firm working behind the Microsoft’s flagship of smartphones may be Pegratron, which is also Apple’s main supplier as found according to a report in Commercial Times. According to sources Microsoft may announce the Surface phone in the upcoming year 2017.

Few days back the CEO of Microsoft was found talking about the company’s future in the mobile business & he  also pointed about the current downtime of the smartphone line ups. He indirectly also hinted that the company has not yet given up in the smartphone space & will reach to success by continuing to mare the most ultimate mobile devices.

Now we will have to wait & see whether the new device from Microsoft will be able to make up to the expectations with all new platform of Surface Phones.


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