Apple May Introduce Curved Display in Upcoming iPhone 8: iPhone 8 Leaks are kept getting interesting as there are many leaks supporting that Apple may introduce the OLED panel and Wireless Charging in upcoming iPhone 8. While introducing OLED display open a wide variety of user experience as cooler saturation, deeper black, collar correction, wide collar gamut, collar reproduction and much more factor which made OLED so interesting. While Wireless charging may resolve the problem of user-facing now with Headphone jack.

Apple May Introduce Curved Display in Upcoming iPhone 8:

OLED technology is not something new to the world as many other companies like Samsung, Google, HTC and other uses OLED display to make their display more come to life. As color looks more immersive and each and every detail speak for itself. Taking photo have greater detail while capturing, watching video looks awesome that it was.

But the main point here is a curved display which Apple may use in future iPhone, while this not so new to world companies like Samsung, HTC making phones having curved in their displays.
Apple also uses Curved OLED display in their Smartwatch Apple Watch which is very good and fundamental design for user convenience.

Curved display becoming popular these days as computer monitor many display giants making a curved display, iPhone 8 Plus will get the benefit of this display as it reduces glare from the screen and helps display to perform in a competitive light situation. While leaks are not proving that is Cupertino Giants make a curved screen for upcoming iPhone 8. While this prediction is not 100% correct for release product but may match this aspect.

So this leaks made iPhone 8 most interesting iPhone ever as Apple tenth anniversary iPhone will have something special and revolutionary product which made iPhone the best product ever. As their is entire year is left for the release of iPhone 8 and we also provide each and every leak of the product in this journey until then good bye.


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