Windows 10 Creators Update with All New Share UI: You all must be aware about the Creators update that is about to come the next year. Most of us are also eagerly waiting for the update so as to feel the difference between he later & the one we are using right now. The exciting features that were unveiled during the Windows 10 event were too good to be waited for.

Windows 10 Creators Update with All New Share UI:

Another progress in the Creators update is the latest one by Microsoft i.e. The Share UI update. Yes the UI is being updated & Microsoft is finally working on the brand new Share UI for Windows 10 which will be updating the older Windows 8 Share UI that is in use now. It has already been in use as a routine process of testing by Microsoft internally. Windows insiders users can also test it out by enabling a new registry tweak on the latest Insider Preview Builds.

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Creators Update for Windows 10: Bringing New Share UI

The older Share UI from Windows 8 was simply untouched & Current Windows 10 users Share UI still utilize the same animations along with screen positioning that the Windows 8 charms bar used. And in comparison to the old one, the newer Share UI looks much more at home on the Windows 10. It creates more options for getting more apps to be shared to & from the store as well as a new option called Near Share, just by sitting in the middle of the screen.

The new Share UI will fully replace the older UI & once you click the share option on any app, the newer UI will appear instead of the older one & that will make sense. So if you are an insider go for testing with the newer preview builds that is available or wait for the Creators update to arrive for utilizing the new feature soon.


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