Apple AirPods Is Comming “Over The Next Week” Said By Tim Cook

Apple AirPods Is Comming
Apple AirPods Is Comming "Over The Next Week" Said By Tim Cook

Apple AirPods Is Comming “Over The Next Week” Said By Tim Cook: Apple unveils iPhone around two months ago while they also release another innovative product which changes the way we listen music, yes I’m talking about Apple new AirPods. After Apple remove headphone jack from iPhone 7 AirPods are the next big thing to buy as these pair of headphone can resolve your each and every problem as the way this device work and how easy a person can use may count your heart to this device. Before the launch of AirPods people have no change to but Apple solution for the headphone so they have to stick with third parties solution.

Apple AirPods Is Comming “Over The Next Week” Said By Tim Cook:

As Apple has changed so many dates for the release of this products while analyst says that Apple isn’t ready to launch this product as it has some problem with it. If you can see this is the end of the year and only about a month is left so Apple has no plan to unveil this product soon. But Apple CEO Tim Cook has some response to it read below,

Customer’s comment: “Give us a release date. I really bought in to the wireless vision you painted. Now I’m stuck waiting with my EarPods but can’t charge my 7 at the same time which I need to do at work. Let us know if it’s a month or 6 months, because then I’ll just buy some other wireless headphones.”
Tim Cook’s response: “Thanks for your note. Sorry for the delay—we are finalizing them and I anticipate we will begin to ship over the next few weeks.”

As a mail from CEO Tim Cook reveal that Apple will shortly release this product “over the next few weeks” as this email has shown by Mac Rumors but we still not figure out the legitimacy of this claim, not Mac Rumors. So according to email, Apple push forward the release date from October to sometime in early 2017.

Talking about the ear pods experience this pair of headphone surely love to hear and how this device is convenient to use for the daily purpose. Although the device cost much hefty amount for a pair of headphone but the case and battery life are just worth it. Don’t forget to subscribe our channel as we soon give a review about this product in near future.


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