Microsoft Surface Pro 5 & SurfaceBook 2 Specs and Kaby Lake Chipset: Microsoft after their hardware event is after another venture to make another Surface as some may think about new Surface Phone which will have some awesome specs to offer, While another product like Surface Pro 5 and SurfaceBook 2 is also expecting soon.

Talking about most expecting SurfaceBook 2 which us going to be release in 2017 as from rumored while talking about specs device will feature Intel’s new Kaby Lake Processor but high one which still not released yet. While other specs include better graphics and higher resolution.

According to The Bit Bag, though the device is well equipped with notable features and specs, as Microsoft always listen to user feedback and respond to them this will bring Microsoft above all competition.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 & SurfaceBook 2 Specs and Kaby Lake Chipset

Surface Book 2 is expected to sport high-end specs as this hardware is still not available in the market but some announcements and rumors will suggest some. Surface Book 2 also feature a support for magnetic Surface Pen, which has turned into a rechargeable on that comes with a small dock as from reported by Tech Radar.

Surface Book 2 Leaks
Surface Book 2 Leaks

Talking about future this device will feature future ports capabilities like Type-C, USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3. The device also supports external Graphics, while from it is capable of editing 4K video and other Pro’s Stuff. The display size of the device still remains same 13.5″.

According to reports, Microsoft delayed the release of Surface Book 2 Due to Intel’s launch Kaby Lake Chipset. Microsoft also trying to make Surface Book 2 more powerful than Apple MacBook Pro 2016 as they still not able to match the popularity of earlier MacBook even having the same name.

Talking about Surface Pro 5 this device will surely this time lure heart of user as Apple remove MacBook Air from its lineup so no. The device from Apple point to compete with Surface Pro, as 12-inch MacBook is so laggy and slower processor has no match with Surface Pro 4. Talking about Surface Pro 5 it has some serious stuff this time starting from Kaby Lake Processor to power all its work. While other features like new Display having more color reproduction, Wide Color Gamut, and much more improvement.

Surface Pro 5 Leaks
Surface Pro 5 Leaks

Surface Pro 5 also get some design improvement with other feature to include, Surface Pen also get some improvement. So these are the expectation of new Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5 while we get some change in the description and soon notify you so please subscribe us for more info.


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