Moto Z Lineup Could Get Google’s New AR Technology: Moto Z lineup is one of the remarkable phones which has arrived with new modular technology but it’s isn’t get much attention as there are so much possibility for developers to make mod as per user requirements as initial mods like JBL speaker or Battery case is just awesome user. While Lenovo is another step to made Moto Z more remarkable, as remember project Tango Google initiative towards Augmented Reality and Lenovo is first to make to adopt this tech and release Lenovo Tab 2 pro. According to leaks Moto Z lineup also getting new Project Tango Mods soon.

Moto Z Lineup Could Get Google’s New AR Technology:

As AR is growing in demand and many other tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and more focusing on bringing more assessable to market. Google Project Tango work with a combination of multiple cameras as these camera measuring depth and motion. As Lenovo is trying to bring this technology to their Moto Z flagship.

As this report hasn’t received any confirmation from Lenovo side but this project is under consideration. As Project Tango Mod will help Moto Z to achieve the best use of it as Lenovo Phab 2 pro is too big and fat user won’t able to use this device for daily purpose so carry this device is not possible.

Lenovo can make slim trim design of new mods which help Moto Z being compact while usable. There is another announcement for Moto Z is that it is now Daydream ready smartphone user can use Google VR use for VR content and if the new mod is arrived Moto Z is the first smartphone to achieve both AR and VR capability. As both these technology help this Phone to achieve some wonderful things.


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