What is Skylake?: It has been around a year ago that Intel had announced Skylake CPU their 2016 Processor lineup. Skylake Processor was debut at Gamescom in August 2015, as they have shown some high-end processor like Core i7 6600K and Core i7 6700K desktop chips. As the time passes they unveil another processor in the range of Core i3 and Core i5. Another main point of Skylake is that it can be used in other stuff like Tablets or other smaller device.

Skylake Processor was introduced after the intel Tick Tock Processor or Haswell and Broadwell Processor. Skylake Processor brings greater design in CPU performance while little bit improvement in GPU performance and reduced power consumption. Skylake Processor is succeeded by KabyLake and Cannonlake in a future update. This Gen processor bring some new formula like Overclocking in lower model CPU while also made Overclocking more successful.

What is Skylake?:

This Skylake Chipset has 14nm FinFet Processor which is smallest industry desktop architecture, while compared with AMD processor using older 32nm FinFet Architecture this chipset small acquires less power while performing better than any previous processor.

We figure out some feature of Skylake down below so let’s get started,

  • Skylake boasts improved performance, mainly on mobile,
It is not the first time that Intel microarchitecture processor come with performance boost but with some other factors which help this processor to perform more than ever. Skylake Chips came in Dual Cores and Quad Core model with hyper-threading of four and eight respectively while some chips also have fewer threads.
New Skylake Chipset comes with various I/O throughput which includes DDR4 memory while some Skylake Chipset also supports low-voltage DDR3L, as the market is full with DDR4 RAM user can easily get these RAM from everywhere. Skylake Processor also brings PCI Express 3.0 with extra Lanes so the user can put SLI or Crossfire Configuration very easily. Skylake also introduces a new embedded DRAM memory which is new cache architecture called a memory side cache, which is made to make faster C-state transitions, and it may now be used in either 64MB or 128MB configuration making it more useful in more systems.
The mobile processor in Skylake also gets some improvement as it receives some biggest jump as compared from previous Gen. new Skylake delivering up to 2.5 times faster processing performance, while in terms of graphics performance it receives 30 times better graphics performance, it also provide 3 times battery life as compared to previous gen. All these performance comparisons with Core i5-520UM with Skylake Based Core i5 6200U.
While we talk about computer Chipset it won’t see quite jump, as compared with Core i5 650 from 2010 and Core i5 6500 new Skylake Chip receive 60% better processing performance, Six times faster 4K transcoding and 11 times the better-integrated graphics performance.
Talking about overclock chipset Skylake doesn’t lack this segment as Processor like 6700K having 4 Ghz of Base clock having quad core CPU and 8 Threads, as in competition this Chipset make total of 8 GHz of clock speed in overclocking setup, Intel also introduce a Core i7 6820HK which is first mobile CPU with overclocking ability.
This gen of architecture supports 14nm Manufacturing Process, with socket types as LGA 1151, BGA 1356, BGA 1515 and BGA 1440. New Gen RAM like DDR 4 is also supported while some low-powered DDR3 is also supported. Model name was called as Core i3, i5 ,i7, m3, m5, m7, Xeon, and Pentium. This chipset has TDP of about 95W for LGA 1151. Chipset also supports 20 PCI-e 3.0 lanes.

Graphics introduces in Skylake: 

Intel introduces some best graphics Chipset during this span, Intel named this series processor as Intel HD Graphics 500 system which includes many chipsets. These chipsets are divided mainly on four configurations 510 only used in U-Series Pentium processors, 520 U-Series Core i3, i5, and i7, 530 all H series Processor and 540 some Core i5 and Core i7 U-Series Chips.

All these chipsets are crafted to deliver more power and also have some feature like better frame rates when using MSAA, larger caches for feeding the GPU, more back-end fill rate capabilities, and lossless color compression. While these change won’t provide any improvement in real time gaming as we can’t expect discrete video card but may provide some low-level gaming on PC.

While some graphics engines like DirectX12, OpenCL 2.0 and OpenGL 4.4, while intel also introduces encoding and decoding of HEVC/H.265 while these graphics also provide low power from encoding H.264 videos.

Skylake Processor main selling point is 4K display as these chipsets are able to give 4K output with 30FPS which are pretty demanding these days. While this chipset also encoding 20% faster as compared to previous gen.

New Gen Ports: 

Intel Skylake Processor has some of the industry very new ports compatibility starting with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 which is the previous standard while new standard as Type C, USB 3.1 with 5Gbps Transfer Rate, Thunderbolt 3 Integration which made this chipset to transfer 40Gbps data which is insane for this gen. Some new ports like HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2 are also embedded into the board while HDMI 2.0 support 4K @60 FPS.

Power Efficiency is the main factor: 

Any CPU first made were focused on delivering more performance while remain efficient and Intel finally proves this as new Skylake Processor can able to perform on 4.5 watts (Y-Series) which a is a very good achievement for Intel. While performing Chipper like 6700K take up to 91 Watt, while intel also designs some technology like Speed Shift Technology which allow chipset to use Boost clock without overpowering.

Skylake Chipset Designed For Use With Windows 10: 

As Microsoft OS becoming more demoing Intel put emphasis on Windows Interface as the introduce some tweaks to the chipset which able to run Windows 10 on Skylake better than any. While some of Windows feature like Windows Hello which requires come Biometric Authentication and chip level safety will also need, Some other Windows feature like Cortana which work with much other hardware also require chip which able to understand it’s ordered.

Power management in Windows 10 is also improved which helps many Notebook manufacturers to achieve more than a day battery in their device.

So these are the feature of new Intel Skylake which introduces many small changes and help the user to achieve more performance as this architecture is more valuable for Intel as smaller architecture with less power and more performance made this-this better. As Intel is working on next Gen CPU Kabylake but until then Skylake is a new one.



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