What is Thunderbolt 3?:Have you ever dream of a port which done your all work Data Transfer, Display Connectivity, Connection Device, Power Input & Output and various other things you think off. Thunderbolt ports are here to solving this problem as it one port solution for all these things but it is real or not let’s find out.

Thunderbolt Port is a joint venture between Apple and Intel to make high bandwidth port which is capable of transferring heavy data and power, as development and research goes on things start getting more forward as first it start with port like Apple’s mini Display Port and Now it become Type-C compatible to made this port more user friendly, at initial Thunderbolt Ports or wire are very expensive as it’s built material and process require a lot than conventional ports. As compared with USB cable of the same length cost 10 times more in Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt 3: Faster Has Become More Faster


Thunderbolt 3 (codename Alpine Ridge) Port is developed by Intel alone. Thunderbolt 3 is third revision on Thunderbolt family as first Thunderbolt Port was released in 2011 with port compatibility Mini DisplayPort and has 10 Gbps of data transfer range, as device become faster and have larger memory this lead to Thunderbolt 3 which has 40Gbps of data transfer which is way above any USB counterparts but the main attraction point is that Thunderbolt now made appearance with Type-C compatibility. Which means that both USB and Thunderbolt counterparts now have the same platform to show their efforts, the user now has less issue regarding compatibility.

Speed Of Thunderbolt V/s Other Ports
Speed Of Thunderbolt V/s Other Ports


Thunderbolt Port is capable of doing anything like work as Display output. New Thunderbolt 3 now capable of output to 4K resolution Display at 60 Hz which way amazing for all the enthusiast and professionals. While it can also able to handle 120Hz frame rate in 4K. Thunderbolt 3 support PCIe 3.0 other protocols which mean that device which supports Thunderbolt 3 can able to run a graphics amplifier on their Notebook without any hiccups or slowdown, the user can use new Graphics like GTX 1080, 1070 or others, while many companies also launch external graphics amplifier. It also supports HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 at a resolution of 4K at 60 Hz.

Thunderbolt Port also able to deliver power and take power, take for example new MacBook Pro 2016 which has Four or Two Thunderbolt 3 arrangement as this device can able to take or deliver power to devices, while heavy devices like Hard Devices and much other stuff now able to do these things. Thunderbolt 3 can able to supply 100 watts of power to USB device so a device which under 100 watts can run without any external power.

What is Behind and What have Today:

Thunderbolt 3 also have backward compatibility as you will need an adapter of Type C to Mini DisplayPort. Thunderbolt 3 also comes in two range with the cheaper model has 20Gbps of speed while expensive one with 40Gbps speed.


Motherboard: Thunderbolt 3 has now appeared in many motherboard support Skylake Processor while Kaby Lake also promotes this port. Many Notebooks like Razer Blade, Alienware, MacBook Pro and various other have this port user can able to enjoy the seamless connection and super high speed in these devices.

Thunderbolt 3 In Motherboard
Thunderbolt 3 In Motherboard

Hard Drives & Display: Thunderbolt 3 also include some accessories soon like hard drives, flash drives and various other but recently LG new Thunderbolt 4K display has some best stuff to show you with Thunderbolt capability.

Smartphones: While talking about today’s smartphone like Google’s Pixel, Nexus, OnePlus and more have Type-C port which is accessible with Thunderbolt easily and seamlessly.

Thunderbolt Compatibility In Smartphones
Thunderbolt Compatibility In Smartphones

Road Ahead

Beyond Thunderbolt 3 there is more work going on as the next evolution of thunderbolt brings us an 8K display running through a single port which delivers up to 33.2 megapixels at 60 Hz which is far better than amazing. New Thunderbolt interface also increases previous refresh rate of 5K and 4K. As New Thunderbolt Port transfer at rate 80Gbit/s (10GB/s) is so fast and awesome.

New Thunderbolt also delivers more power, Bandwidth, and data transfer than ever before. In future port are becoming the next big things and also become faster and Thunderbolt and Type-C bring one solution for all these job things are becoming more simpler and awesome. Hope you’ll like this post and share to other to make them learn about it. But until then Good bye and see you on next article.


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