# 5 Free And Paid Apps For Photo Editing In iPhone: Mobile camera is enhancing day by day, especially iPhone cameras whose images are compared with DSLR camera images. Advancement of mobile camera technology along with the social networking sites leads to rapid increase in interest of people in images through their mobile camera through which they can represent themselves in more rakish and presentable way.

This paves a path for the developer to build more creative apps for photo editing which they have done it very well and still progressing with awesome apps with various features such as applying filters, adjusting light intensity, selection and trimming of the particular portion, applying message or content on the image and so on.

Among them, Facetune is among the top 10 most downloaded apps from the app store in 2016 in this app you can do specific touch-ups like color correction, blemish removal, teeth whitening even you can change your hair and eye color.

While other apps like Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Express, Pixlr brings out some professionalism into you and let you create something amazing out of it.

5 Paid And Free Photo Editing Apps Of iPhone:


Paid Apps

Free Apps

 1.  ProCamera ($5) Snapseed
 2.  Facetune ($4)  Adobe Photoshop Express
 3.  Camera+ ($3) Pixlr
 4. Manual ($3)  Photo Editor By Aviary
 5. Pro HDR ($2) Fused 

By seeing such huge increase in trend of photography via mobile camera I have prepared the list of five free and five paid apps that I think will definitely go to help the users to have better image via their iPhone with more editing and filter. Hope so you all like this collection if you have some of your favorite apps lets us know in the comment section below.


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