Real Desktop Apps By Microsoft Officially Coming For Windows 10 Smartphones: Being a Windows Phone user it has been always a different experience for every user. Although with a different experience there are always some benefits & some limitations too. One limitation that was not being able to use some traditional apps specifically for Windows 10 Smartphone users seems to be solving very soon.

Real Desktop Apps By Microsoft Officially Coming For Windows 10 Smartphones:

During the recent WinHEC event in Shenzen, Microsoft has announced its official launching for the desktop apps to ARM processors. Also, it will be of the kind on basically every mobile device through the partnership with Qualcomm. The apps that will be introduced will not be just like any touch friendly Windows Universal Apps instead they will also be a full-fledged productivity program i.e a full version of office. According to Microsoft, another comfort will be that the developers will not have to change anything about the apps themselves to make them work.

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Microsoft Bringing Real Apps for Windows 10 SmartphonesAlthough the Universal Windows Platform will be surely the first priority for Microsoft. As the UWP apps are found to be more touch friendly, power-efficient & easily scalable;e than the legacy x86 software, so the Microsoft’s interest in UWP is also reasonable. Also, Microsoft & Qualcomm are heard to be using an emulation process which during tests showed the smooth running of a nearly old Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 4 GB of RAM.

Microsoft Apps, Microsoft real Apps, Microsoft Windows 10 Smartphone Apps, Windows 10 Real Apps, Microsoft UWP

Microsoft Windows 10: Universal Windows PlatformThe Microsoft’s ultimate vision which was specifically for windows 10 as an Operating System that would be for all hardware is seemingly coming together. They have already designed concept phones like HP Elite X3, the day is not far when our imagined Windows 10 devices to be docked simply into any laptop or desktop for any real work will be done in actual. Microsoft also found quoting that these ARM-powered devices will be made available by the start of this coming new year. Maybe the so-called cellular PC or Surface phone may also get a chance after everything.


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