TSMC Has Future Plans To Make Chips For iPhone 8 and iPhone 9: As per Nikkei Asian Review report published recently, the comments made by semiconductor analysts who believe that Intel’s recent embrace of ARM could mean a new competitor to TSMC and also to Samsung no sooner than 2018, which has been earlier expected to be in 2019. It has been reported on Intel’s last announcement that it will soon produce ARM- based chips in addition to the chips produced by it on its own architecture last week. At that time it has been mentioned that new iPhone featuring Intel processors likely wouldn’t debut sooner than 2019.

Earlier on the given lead times, it was not expected that Intel would be in a position to produce A-series chips earlier than 2019 but according to the analysts of Nikkei’s report, it has been said that Apple could adopt Intel’s ARM- based chips as early as possible in 2018.
According to the industry experts, Intel has recently pledged to expand its business in the form of producing chips for others highlights to snatch chip orders for Apple’s popular iPhone series from Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing co. as early as 2018.

It has also been cited that Apple is already engaged with Intel on the subject that Intel ambition is to grab the one or two tier customers from TSMC. Apple’s current business in chips has been divided between Samsung and TSMC.

Apple is engaged in diversifying its supply chain, however, to avoid production issues and not relying on a single producer Apple is believed to add some extra production in hand . Other than TSMC as apple is believed to rely mostly on TSMC for A10 chips featured in iPhone 7 and hopefully A11 in new upcoming iPhone 8.

Already apple rely on Intel due to patent disputes with Samsung which is also less than ideal partner for apple but also Intel’s standard chips supported the mac line series of apple laptop and desktop due to which it was long assumed that apple has been testing ARM-based alternatives that could offer more control as its iPhone chip production.


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