Samsung Galaxy S8: A True Edge To Edge Display With No Home Key Might Get Featured: While keeping in mind user expectations for the awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 every day some more features gets an addition to the rumors for the upcoming device. Here is another few latest news that Samsung GAlan you S8 might feature this time. According to Bloomberg source, this time it may get featured with all screen design & may not include any physical home button. The home button may be embedded under the display somewhere instead of being physically present on the top.

Samsung Galaxy S8: A True Edge To Edge Display With No Home Key Might Get Featured:

We have also talked earlier about the rumor for ditching of the Headphone jack & relying on the USB-C port for sound. Galaxy S8 with no headphone jack & no home button will surely be featured with some more surprising features. Samsung expectedly might offer those variants of the Galaxy S8 that will have the same size as that of 5.1 inch Galaxy S7 & 5.5 inch Galaxy S7 Edge. The new S8 may come only with wraparound displays that will use OLED technology i.e. Organic Light Emitting Diode Technology. All the bezels will be getting completely removed as said by Bloomberg.

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Samsung Galaxy S8: OLED Display

Samsung although is ready to experiment again with the upcoming model but they might follow better & tougher testing procedures this time to avoid the mistakes that were done in a case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Additional quality tests for both software & hardware may be performed this time for its complete readiness to be made available to the public.

As the release for the Samsung Galaxy S8 is scheduled somewhere in March 2017 but as some extensive testing is planned for the newbie, so the release may get pushed back to April in next year. Many more related news & rumors that will get updated & be available will be shown up on the website, so keep updated & keep following for the updates only on till then take care.


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