Apple AirPods Won’t Be Near Soon: Reason For Delay: Apple was planned to release its new wireless AirPods in the late October but as  this year is going to end there is no update on when it will be available to purchase. Apple said earlier that little more time would be needed  to make available totally wireless Bluetooth earphone  for the customers before the  arrival of a deadline. As there is no specific detail is available for the reason of delay, here is a new analyzing report which may reveal the reason for delay ;

The source of Wall Street Journal says , to deliver simultaneous streams, active wireless connection is needed which may be the reason for delay

Most other wireless headphones receive signal by only one earpiece  via Bluetooth from the gadget  and then transmits the signal to another earpiece.  But apple has said that both earpieces of AirPods will receive signal independently from the gadget, which will ensure that both earpieces receive audio at the same time without  distortion.  It may be the reason behind the delay of AirPods, and it is also said to be considering about what will happen when one of the earpieces is lost or its battery dies, said by a familiar person of a development of AirPods.

Despite any official statement about these issues haven’t issued by apple, it seems that apple will not  launch the AirPods until all these issues are resolved. It is still not clear that when apple AirPods will be release, but there are reports who claims that it will be release in January 2017.

Apple launched the AirPods which are a pair of wireless set of earbuds with the launch of iPhone 7 without headphone jack and was expected to be available in the past October. As it is already missed its launch, now it is going to miss the Christmas and NewYear. As this report also broke the heart of many user who wanted to buy this product. Hope soon Apple will launch this product.


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