iPhone 8 Will Feature Rear Touch Panel, OLED Display & On-Screen Touch ID: It may have curved screen, apple could remove the home button,  and to hide the TouchID sensor under the screen, apple could switch over  flexible OLED technology for display rather than LCD. Some of the new ideas on which Apple and other manufacturers are working available for the public through the USPTO’s regular release of patents. Touch sensors can be embedded around any side of iPhone 8 by using a technique, described in the Patent.

Rear Touch Panel, OLED Display & On-Screen Touch ID May Be The Feature Of Next iPhone:

Other physical buttons could also be removed and its function will be relying on these touch sensors. Apple may remove the current buttons and instead use touch enable areas on the smartphone for the existing UI. It may employ touch panel to use back of the device for fast scrolling or  page turning.

Before the Apple, Sony’s last handheld gaming console, the PlayStation Vita used the touch panel to use the back of the screen. So this concept of using the rear of the portable device is not new. It was used in so many games to change where character looked, used in driving games  used as flappy paddle gear and in many other games.

Apple is not the first who recognize the advantages given by back surface of a device. Many fingerprints readers and pulse reading sensors and notification LEDs the rear of the smartphone have been used. Some reports also suggested that apple could remove bezels from smartphone and introduce an edge to edge display.

So it won’t be wrong to say with curved edges and without buttons on the front, the use of the back of smartphone will be innovative. On the sides and rear of every smartphone, much more efforts will be made.

It is not guaranteed by the patent that technique will be in the next release of hardware. will be in the  next release of hardware. As with the addition of 3D Touch, the core functionality of already present iPhone and iPad has not affected , hopefully, the addition of Touch panel will prove great for the Apple. With all these new features the upcoming iPhone 8 could be the revolutionary smartphone for the Apple’s fan.


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