Microsoft Surface Sale Increase As MacBook Disappointed Customer: For the Microsoft, this holiday season was wonderful with respect to the sale of surface pro, to surface book, to the surface studio, and to surface Hub. According to blog post issued on Monday, windows maker said that “November was the best month ever  for consumer surface sale” and that  “more people are switching from Macs to the surface than ever before.

Disappointment With New MacBook Pro Help Rise In Surface Sale According To Microsoft:

Microsoft also quoted that, “the disappointment of the new MacBook pro – especially among professionals” move more people towards the surface. In a blog, post company said “it seems like a new review recommending surface over MacBook comes out daily. It makes our team proud as it means we are doing good work”.

MacBook Pro V/s Surface
Surface Sale Increase As MacBook Disappointed Customer

After the good response in US and Canada, surface book with performance base is now also available in Australia  and New Zealand and company will introduce it in other markets too.

However, the company didn’t provide specific unit sales of surface PCs over the period in its post. According to the most recent PC sales data from analyst firm Gartner, said  Apple is the fifth biggest seller of PCs worldwide instead of its market share had declined significantly year-over-year. Meanwhile, Microsoft was not listed.

Microsoft may be calling the MacBook “ disappointment ” , but actually, everyone may not agree with them. A report said in November that in just a few days new MacBook pros outsold all of its competitors. According to Phil Schiller Apple’s Marketing boss, as compared to  any other pro notebook before, the online sale of new MacBook pro were more.


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