Bluetooth 5.0 may be the new companion of Samsung Galaxy S8: Faster & Wider: Samsung had a very struggling year all the way from starting till now but now its time for it to come back & have some blast in the market. From the word blast, I mean bringing up the public & Samsung lovers some exciting newest & useful features. According to the user reviews of the current year for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 & the battery explosion cases that ruined the market of Samsung which was the time which Samsung will try to forget but it will not be so easy for them as well as the users too.

Samsung Galaxy S8 May Equipped With Bluetooth 5.0:

This time Samsung had to do something better & unique with its next arrival & the next lineup is none other than the S8. So Samsung may plan its Galaxy S8, for another great additional feature of Bluetooth 5.0 that is rumored to be in the list of other additional lineups very soon. Last week only the standard was officially adopted by the Bluetooth SIG i.e. Bluetooth Special Interest Group As the latest version of the technology.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 to have Bluetooth 5.0

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) had released the final specifications for the next generation Bluetooth 5 standard. This time the wireless range in ideal conditions would be increasing up to 4 times & the wireless speed would be almost twice to the current version of Bluetooth 4.2 standard. In terms of security & stability, the newer version is more suitable & stronger & may offer less power withdrawal.

Products having Bluetooth 5.0 functionality would come for a launch within two months, according to the Bluetooth SIG. Some of the wearables, Industrial & Home Automation may be the first to use the improved standard of Bluetooth connectivity. In the same line up the Samsung galaxy S8 may be the one getting Bluetooth 5.0. If everything goes right then Samsung may be the first one that will be having Bluetooth 5.0 standard in its Galaxy S8 model. Expectations are building up & lets hope for the best outcome from Samsung this time. Keep visiting & be updated only on for more latest & related news.


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