New Wifi Transmission Will Consume 10,000 Times Less Power: Whenever you continuously spend more data, such as on video from the web over wifi, you may notice that your smartphone’s battery will be consumed much more. So how it would be if it will be possible to cut down that power consumption,  the possibility to generate wi-fi transmission signals which will use 10,000 times less power than the power required by conventional technologies. The team called this technology as   “passive wi-fi”.

In radio transmission, digital and analog operations are involved,  passive wifi works by decoupling that two operations.  Analogue radio component consumes so much power than the digital part which becomes much more energy efficient so it is moved off into a single main connected device by researchers which will send out a signal into an area. This signal is then picked up and reflected by using the digital switch on lower power digital components so that traditional wifi packets can be sent.

New Wifi Transmission Will Consume 10,000 Times Less Power:

Shyam Golakota, UW assistant professor of computer science and engineering said

“ All the networking, heavy – lifting and power – consuming pieces are done by the one plugged-in device. The passive devices are only reflecting to generate the wi-fi  packets , which is a really energy –efficient way to communicate. We can get Wi-fi for 10,000 times less power than the best thing that’s out there”.

New Wifi Technology
New Wifi Transmission Will Consume 10,000 Times Less Power

This technology can enable the transmission of Wi-fi signals at the rate up to 11 megabytes per second to devices like smartphones, routers and much more with existing wi-fi connectivity. The researchers said that this method was successfully tested in actual situations on campus. This passive wi-fi achieved communication range of 30 meters on the campus of the university of Washington.


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