Apple MacBook Pro Battery Issue Finally Over macOS Sierra 10.12.2: Apple MacBook is having the best battery life, but recent disappointment like MacBook Pro Touchbar has made some changes to this words. Apple yesterday releases a new update of macOS Sierra 10.12.2 which brings some security improvement and some functionality changes.

Battery Issue Of MacBook Pro Resolve After Sierra 10.12.2 Update:

In the recent update, Apple fixes the battery issue which causes MacBook Pro to perform only about few hours. As one of the significant change in macOS Sierra 10.12.2 Apple remove the estimated time, which predicts that long battery last. While you can still see it on energy preferences. As this shows incorrect result while people using new MacBook Pro, I have also met this issue several time. The estimated battery shows a significant amount of time is left when a device is charged, while charging device up to 100 percent and using in low brightness the bar said about 15 hours of battery left while using the device only about 10-20 min this prediction came down to 10 hours and battery consumption is also even high. But recent update helps MacBook to give a significant amount of battery life.

Before Update

I have been using MacBook Pro several days I also tried different ways which could save battery life but still this thing is not possible. Using Chrome browser will juice out a significant amount of battery, while Safari lives little longer than chrome. Other work like doing some document work in Pages, Keynote, Number will also juice your battery down. Performing programming in Xcode will juice your battery even more. As this result point to Apple’s lack of responsibility for customer satisfaction, as Apple is no one customer satisfaction but it seems it somehow fading. Apple removal of estimated battery bar also showed Apple is trying to hide the fault of MacBook Pro.

After Update

But during the recent test shows that Apple is trying to manage battery life of new MacBook Pro TouchBar with the same level of satisfaction as previous MacBook. As People are getting better battery result after an update as Apple isn’t mentioned anythings on an update about battery life improvement but while using MacBook whole day after the update, User satisfaction level is also increased.


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