What is Bluetooth 4.0?: Have you heard about Bluetooth on your device which is earlier used as file transfer medium way before Wi-Fi. Bluetooth has significantly improved during these days as Bluetooth is not transferred medium for data but use to connect devices like Wireless Headsets, Smart devices, and many other devices. We use Bluetooth device as our products either Headset, console controller, Speakers, Keyboard & Mouse or Smart Devices, but Bluetooth has become more common recent years as People using Bluetooth device more than ever.

Let’s Know More About Bluetooth 4.0?:

We have earlier seen many version of Bluetooth but today we will talking about Bluetooth 4.0, as a major question like What is Bluetooth 4.0, How will it change its future and many other questions. Bluetooth 4.0 was introduced in 2011 as the first device to support it is iPhone 4s, After that they’re over million or billion of devices around the world which support or have Bluetooth 4.0. Previous version Bluetooth 3.0 has served us well but has a limitation as it takes more juice of your device, range issue, latency issue, and connection problem has frustrated many of us. But Bluetooth 4.0 has vanished all these issues as it is first Bluetooth work on Low Energy, have larger and stronger range, latency is also very small and the connection is also very fast.

Evolution Of Bluetooth
Evolution Of Bluetooth

Bluetooth 4.0 also revolutionizes many facts like data throughout which was 2Mbps of Bluetooth 2.0 is now become 25Mbps in Bluetooth 4.0. Which means that streaming high-end audio or video can easily be streamed through it. But the main fact which lies behind it is energy efficiency as devices now able to give around 20-40 Hours of Battery life which can be possible with the latest release of Bluetooth 4.0.

Bluetooth 4.0 is also being used in many of fitness or smart devices as this make the connection stronger so the user can stay connected with their devices always while power consumption is always low. Devices like Nike Fuelband, Apple Watch, Moto 360 and various of other. As these Health Watches are capable of providing all day fitness, heart rate, notification and much other stuff within its battery life of one to 4 weeks.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth 4.0 also got compatibility of NFC so the user can connect with various device range easier than before, as NFC help the Bluetooth device to connect with any payment, wireless or various devices without any connection process issue, just tap and go. Bluetooth device is ready for future devices and also smart devices.

Bluetooth 4.0 has backward compatibility with earlier Bluetooth devices which made universal and also connect with any Bluetooth device. So you able to use your earlier Bluetooth device easy.

Bluetooth 4.1:

Talking about future of Bluetooth 4.0 it’s received some significant changes over the span of years as Bluetooth 4.1 came 2013 which got more significant as you can rock more on your audio device as Low Energy capability is also increased, It also fixes some bugs and hardware issue regarding 4G as version 4.0 interfere with LTE.

Bluetooth 4.2:

After Version 4.1 Bluetooth also got signification update in 2015 Bluetooth 4.2 which also increase Low Energy higher level. As this version is 2.5 Times faster than the previous version and also capable of having more range. Some other changes include IPv6, Bluetooth Smart Internet Gateways as it can able to transmit data over the internet. Also become more secure and fast up to 250%. Bluetooth 4.0 is also able to transmit 10x More Capacity over the air.

Awesome Use Of Bluetooth:

Some beautiful feature in which Bluetooth use is in Apple the Handoff Technology as the user can able to receive calls or do anything any of their devices is a perfect use of this technology. There is also other seamless things you can do with Bluetooth as the connection is possibilities to do many things more easily and without any issue.

Future Ahead:

As these are the facts and technology behind Bluetooth 4.0 as in the span of over 5-6 year this technology serves us well, but each and every tech found it’s changed and Bluetooth 5.0 is also on the front as expected iPhone 8 will feature this new technology and mass adoption goes on. Hope you’ll find something good in this article, goodbye and meet you on next issue.


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