Apple Pencil May Work With iPhone: Currently, Apple pencil is working with the iPad Pro only for creative work. But now a report posted by Patently Apple suggested that Apple is working on building in support so Apple pencil will work with an iPhone. It’s really a good NEWS for creative or drawing lover consumer, who misses their work with Apple Pencil can now continue with their work anywhere on the iPhone without any hiccup with its compatibility with Apple pencil without carrying their iPad Pro.

iPhone Compatibility With iPhone Will Give A New Dimension For Creative Consumer:

Tim Cook – the CEO of Apple Inc. had stated in an interview that  “And if you have ever seen what can be created with that pencil on an iPad or an iPhone, it’s really unbelievable”. It is indicated from Cook’s  statement, that Apple pencil will go to work with iPhone in future.

Apple patent also indicated that Apple pencil will work with many other apps including messages app and could be used in video editing application in iMovie. From the patent details of apple, it is considering that the Apple pencil will not be work only with iPhone but it also made to work with an array of Apps made for the iPad.

If all this will going to be true,  it would be a good news for the apple users to see the pencil working with other apple devices. For more latest updates related to Apple NEWS, leaks and rumors stay tuned with us and you may catch us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


  1. I’d love to get a iPhone with wireless charging! I’ve had charging wires that only last 4-4 months.Very upsetting 😿 I’ve noticed new lightning wire with material over wire ,I’ve gotten the notice that it’s not a compatible notice like before but it seem to last longer after I got the message rather than going a few days later ❤️.Dont know how long it’s going to last,keeping my fingers that it lasts after the new yr.I started getting message 3 mo. After getting new wire oct.31,2016 it’s now Dec.15,2016.I got it from ATT but I Switched to T mobile & 5’they still carry the old plastic wire . 🙏🏻Pray they change over,It’s a pain to lose ability to charge 31/2 mo. After getting wire.& 2 weeks after getting messages.

    • We also hope there would be a great change in iPhone 8 including OLED Display, Wireless Charging and various other, while for now, you can use Apple Dock for now until wireless charging arrives. For more News, Leaks, Rumors, and details for upcoming iPhone stay tuned with Tech Awareness. You may also follow our twitter or facebook page to get notified about all new leaks and rumors.


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