Apple Seems Finally Resolve The Issue Of MacBook Pro Battery: After the issues of battery life in MacBook Pro, two new job listings were posted on Apple’s website this week, one for Battery Algorithm Analysis Engineer and another one is for System Power and Control Architect. In MacBook Pro, there was complain that its battery performance is not matching with reported battery life. After seeing this job posts, it looks like Apple is taking steps to resolve the battery life problem in its devices. On December 14 and 15 respectively, these positions were posted on Apple’s website.

Description For Battery Algorithm Analysis  Engineer As Posted On Apple’s Website:

In this position, you will be expected to verify advanced lithium-ion battery management technology through battery testing and data analysis. You will also be asked to create test plans and conduct battery tests. You will be expected to process test data to generate steady-state and dynamical models, identify model parameters, and implement various model-based algorithms in different test platforms to evaluate their performance.

Description For System Power And Control Architect Is As Follow:

Develop, prototype and evaluate system power management algorithms. You analyze power control solutions that improve battery life, system energy efficiency while providing the flawless user experience. You work closely with SOC, system and software engineers to create, prototype and evaluate HW/SW solutions for multiple product segments. You use data-driven analysis to quantitatively evaluate success metrics and perform multidimensional sensitivity analysis. You develop collateral to enable software and system teams to adopt successfully prototyped power management concepts.

Apple was also looking for a Sr. Battery Test/ Process Engineer on November 29. In this post, it was noted that Apple is focused on “internal testing of batteries”. Its shows the concern of Apple about the issues raised on battery performance.  

Earlier this week, Apple has removed the feature of being able to get a battery life ‘time remaining estimate’ from mac OS. It was considered that battery life can be can be vary so much depending upon many reasons.

However, it is indicated from these new job postings that Apple is going to search new ways to solve these problems for the long term so that the users of Apple can enjoy the battery life for long hours. We can just hope that these new hirings can solve the problems facing by Apple users.


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