Apple Device Which You Can Gift Your Love Ones This Holiday: Apple device is the best device for personal usage and gift purposes as in the age of technology Apple devices are always changing while previous gen device also gets an update for present one. So Holiday is best to give gifts to your loved one so Apple device one of the best things to give them so they can use all these products which are listed below productively, socially or daily purpose. As we have listed some product from Apple best lineup which you may find useful gifts.

Apple Devices Which You Can Gift This Christmas and New Year:

1. MacBook Air 2015:

Apple MacBook Air even gets old this day but this notebook the is still better than many offering from Dell or HP as it has the option of Core i7 Processor with 8GB of RAM and 256 GB or 512GB option which is amazing for years to come. As the device has phenomenal battery life, all Apple based apps like Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Pages and various other apps also work well. While doing some code in Xcode also works really nice, and final word on this device is it worth each and every cent you spend on it.

Apple MacBook Air 2015
MacBook Air 2015

2. iPad Mini 4:

After the launch of iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Mini not seen as a usable device but device really works nice, from its design to display iPad Mini represents Apple quality. You can use this device for Photo editing, watching content or movie, listening songs and various other work. iPad Mini comes very handily you can travel along this device to places to visit, while if you like reading books this device is better than any ebook reader as Retinal Display adapt your eyes well, each work looks really sharp. Battery life of the device also really awesome you can get 1 to 2 days of usage.

iPad Mini 4
iPad Mini 4

3. Apple TV 4th Gen:

Apple TV brings big screen excitement back in today age, as old TV seems old channels and boring things while Apple brings this device to revolutionizes the big screen entertainment. As Apple TV include all new feature you find on your iPhone, iPad or Mac as Apple TV include TV App Store, iTunes integration, Games, Apps, AirPlay and various other things. Apple TV is good for gaming also as a title like Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3 and various other looks really nice. One fantastic feature Apple TV is iMovie Edit as you can see all the editing details on the big screen. Apple TV comes in two storage option of 32GB or 64GB so you can store content offline so enjoy without the internet.

Apple TV 4th Gen
Apple TV 4th Gen

4. iPod Touch 6th Gen:

Even iPod become old age device for Apple but Apple keeps updating this lineup to match iPhone level performance, as iPod Touch is good gifts for little one of your home as iPod become the first device for kids before 2010s. Recent iPod Touch 6th Gen has Apple A8 Chipset with iPhone 6 Camera and more battery life. iPod Touch is good for gaming, seeing social apps, music, and capturing photos. iPods Touch comes in the various attractive color you can choice from various color but Product Red is always a good color to choose for.

Apple iPod Touch 6th Gen
iPod Touch 6th Gen

5. iPhone 6s:

As iPhone 6s is still better iPhone to buy with all those features you want in iPhone 7 like 3D Touch, Better Camera, and various other things. iPhone 6s has cost $100 less to buy so you can prefer this device rather than iPhone 7. Apple new iOS 10 has increased the capability of 3D Touch, iMessage better than any other messaging platform and various other UI changes. Apple device knows you’re their life and update and iPhone 6s is still stood on its words. iPhone 6s comes in various storage option and color to better color your loved one style.

iPhone 6S Rose Gold
iPhone 6S Rose Gold

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6. Apple Watch Series 2:

Apple Watch Series 2 is best to the partner of iPhone as it seamlessly connects with your iPhone all save its battery while function like checking notification, calling and various other things can be solved with Apple Watch. Apple Watch is best for health tracking from footsteps to your heart rate apple watch tells each and everything. While new Apple Watch Series 2 is faster, brighter and waterproof.

Apple Watch Series 2
Apple Watch Series 2

7. iPhone SE:

iPhone SE is also best gift to consider as it has a design of iPhone 5s which was the best iPhone design and also have iPhone 6s Performance both this aspect made iPhone SE the best device. As Apple device are the best know for its compatibility and design and iPhone SE also stand to these words. As From inside it include same Apple A9 Chipset along with M9 Co-Processor which includes “Hey Siri” feature. While new Rose Gold Color is also available to this device which looks really nice than iPhone 6s one.

iPhone SE
iPhone SE

8. AirPods:

Apple AirPods much controversial product of this year as first it looks exciting while Apple change release time of AirPods but finally it’s here and working nicely. As this device best for music lover as you can charge this device on the go and AirPods gives around 15 hours of battery usage which means that you can a carry this product along with you for trips. AirPods is also a very nice device to use as all the feature which its include are too amazing and also better than other.

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

9. AirPort Express:

Apple AirPort Express is a really nice Wi-Fi device to use as it connect all Apple device very easily, while transferring files from AirDrop, doing AirPlay all these things really work seamlessly while Wifi connectivity is really easy, and setup is way easier. You can check which device connect to your AirPort Express while you can also an extent range of AirPort express buy purchase other AirPort model so you can provide each corner of your home Wifi.

Apple AirPort Express
Apple AirPort Express

10. Mac mini:

This Small Mac device is really worth for its price as it gives all the mac feature from its miniature design. As you only need Display, Keyboard, Mouse and your Mac mini is ready. All feature are available in Mac mini you enjoy an on all those expensive Mac devices. Mac Mini is available in a various model from Core i5 to Core i7 configuration you can choose a device for your needs.

Apple Mac Mini
Mac Mini

So hope you like all these Apple devices which you can give your young one on this holiday season so what are you waiting for go Apple Store or Website and order one of these products.


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