Super Mario Is Already Broken Record Of Pokemon: Super Mario Run on its very first day of launch shows five million downloads with which it made  $5 million. This game actually broke the records of Pokemon Go in terms of the first-day download. On the first day launch of Pokemon Go, it records the 900,000 downloads while Super Mario Run has made a record of 2,850,000 downloads on the day of launch as per the data of Apptopia.

According to a report of Sensor Tower Super Mario Run has seen 5 million downloads over the world. It is really a good figure for the first-day result.

Supermario Run on iOS vs Pokemon Go
Supermario Run on iOS vs Pokemon Go

Super Mario Run has made its entry in the category of most downloading game in the world.

Super Mario Run is developed by Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. However on December 15, 2016, it was released for iOS devices. It will be release for Android in 2017. So it is expecting that downloading rate will go higher after its release on Android devices. It is already predicted by Analysts that within the first month of release Super Mario Run will see 50 million downloads only on iOS devices. Based on the numbers it is expected that Super Mario Run will earn initially around $12 million to $15 million in its first month.

Super Mario Run plays as a side – scrolling, auto-runner platformer game. The first level of the game can be play free After that to unlock other remaining levels, you have to pay $9.99. This amount, however, may not be bother by Mario lovers.

Pokemon Go iOS
Pokemon Go iOS

Super Mario Run requires an internet connection which might upset players as they could restrict them to play the game at any place they want. Additionally Super Mario Run is an automatic runner so it clears many small gaps or obstacles on his own which can make upset many players especially those who wants something more complexity in the game.

Instead, people are enjoying the game at this time. According to Sensor Tower – in the first 24 hours across four sessions average player has to spend 15.5 minutes in playing the game.  Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see the number of downloads of Super Mario Run on Android devices and how many Android users will going to pay $9.99 to reach on further levels after its launch on it.

Download Here: Super Mario Run


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