Top 7 Starred Gift Ideas For This Christmas & New Year Within Budget Of $200 to $300: Here is the season of Christmas arriving at the doorsteps followed by the knocking behind a new year. Everyone might be very busy planning for this festive occasions. You may also be looking for some suitable gifting ideas in order to make your near & dear ones happy. Here I am bringing up with some 7 starred ideas in the technology section that will definitely bring a big smile on the beloved one’s faces. So you just have to decide the selected item & its over, no more wasting of time thinking about the present that you may buy & plan for.

Top 7 Starred Gift Ideas For This Christmas & New Year Within Budget Of $200 to $300:

1) The Smartest Open-Source Router:

The coolest router till date is none other than the Lylo. Although most of the routers you will find to be the complicated ones but this one offers easy sharing & has one single goal of making the life easier. It can behave in such a manner that you may have to call it as the nerve of the home. Multiple works with a single router will definitely make your workload easier & simpler this Christmas & New Year. With the Lylo, just by a single touch, you can switch on/off your lights, set the thermostat, program whichever device’s interaction is needed. This smarter device not only blocks unwanted ads but also keeps your child from unwanted adult contents on the internet. You are going to be a fan of the router this present-giving season.

Available for Price: $240

Lylo Router, Open Source Router Lylo, Lylo Open Source Router, Lylo Smart Router
Smartest Open-Source Router: Lylo

2) SWICH Wireless Charging Stand:

Another unique wireless stand for your very personal Smartphone which will provide power & a very comfortable overview of the phone while keeping it firm & in a stable position. The design is provided by Lutman Design Studio for this firm handling position. You may look smarter while using the stand in your office, hotel or as a home accessory. This Christmas or New Year think something different like this new wirelessly designed battery charging stands for your very personal smartphone. Using a micro suction holding surface, allowing to rotate in both ways vertically & horizontally, makes it very handy to use while charging at the same time. Now it’s your turn to become smarter with the world’s prettiest wireless charging design i.e SWICH.

Available for Price: $219

Swich charging stand, Swich Wireless Charging Stand, Swich Wireless Charger
Wireless Charging Stand: SWICH

3) Stockwell Bluetooth Speaker -Marshall:

The travel speaker from Marshall is the smallest speaker made by the iconic Marshall brand. If you are thinking to gift someone who is a music lover then here it is. The Stockwell speaker is not just ultra compact & designed for traveling keeping in mind it also weighs just about 1.2 Kg. Long time playback for the speaker lasts long while using Lithium ion batteries within it. Consisting of two 2.25 inches of subwoofers, two Class D amplifiers & adjustable volume, bass & treble completely packs to deliver an ultra rich crystal clear audio. So, with effortless connectivity, having a great rich, clear sound, it will be a worthy gift for your dear one.

Available for Price: $211.73

Stockwell Speaker By Marshall, Travel Bluetooth Speaker, Stockwell Travel Bluetooth Speaker
Stockwell Bluetooth Travel Speaker: By Marshall

4) Auroma One – Coffee maker:

The day to day used equipment when gifted make great value out of it. And if it is about some Hot Coffee Maker, everyone is going to be much happier than anyone else. Yes, now brewing coffee with the precision of manual tools & pod machines is now possible with the very branded Auroma One. Designed elegantly, brewing your favorite coffee like the Pro, delivering at your service desk & that too effortlessly, what else you need. It is so easy to brew that even being sleepy you can brew your coffee very easily. Also, you can very easily pair up your mobile App with the machine for best results. Now enjoy more by having your coffee at home than getting bored by making it.

Available for Price: $249

Auroma One Coffee Maker, Coffee Maker, Auroma Coffee Maker
Auroma One – Coffee Maker

5) Megaphone Mini – Portable Amplifier For iPhone:

If you are in a need for a portable amplifier for your iPhone & that too within a budget, you are at the right blog then. The Megaphone Mini is made for iPhone which is portable ceramic amplifier by en&is. It’s small & compact & uniquely designed that doesn’t need any type of power source charging or any type of connectivity – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, no need at all. The amplifier is based on simplest laws of physics instead of high-tech electronics. If you are looking for such unique technology gift items that your beloved will love to have then it is this. It can be put anywhere as it also looks great as a show piece, easy to carry around & does not occupies much space also.

Available for Price: $230

Megaphone Mini Amplifier, Mini Amplifier For iPhone, Amplifier For iPhone, Megaphone Mini Amplifier For iPhone
Portable Amplifier For iPhone: Megaphone Mini

6) Novi – The 4 in 1 Home Security Kit:

A perfect gift for someone is always that which is useful to anyone being gifted & this 4 in 1 Home security kit is a very useful kit for anyone & everyone. You can secure every aspect of your living area with the Novi securities system. It is complete with an HD Camera & monitoring motion & smoke, also an alert alarm is raised whenever anything wrong happens. Whenever anything suspicious is detected, the Novi App lets you call the police & take some pictures of the action happened over there. The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be easily adjusted for the pets at home roaming in the house. The HD camera is so powerful having a 170-degree wide angle view with 720p resolution, supported by a LED flash, picking up every single detail of any incident happening. This could be a very nice & helping gift to your friends & relatives this festive season.

Available for Price: $299

Home Security Kit, Novi Home Security Kit, 4 in 1 Home Security Kit, Novi 4 in 1 Home Security Kit
Novi: 4 in 1 Home Security Kit

7) LaCie Mirror – 1TB Hard Drive:

Designed by French Industrial designer Pauline Deltour, the external hard drive is super accessible with a transfer rate of up to 5 Gbps using USB 3.0 & delivers a speed up to 480 Mbps using USB 2.0. The hard drive is such a stunning device on the market, designed with the elegant display on its very own ebony wood stand. It seems like it was made for gifting purpose too upon seeing the beauty of the drive. The drive is super portable, Weighing just about half a pound & also equipped with backup, encryption & energy saving software. This would be a nice gift for the one’s who are a collection freak as it makes storing & accessing all of your documents & media very easy.

Available for Price: $179.99

Hard Drive 1TB, 1TB Hard Drive, Lacie Mirror 1TB Hard Drive
LaCie Mirror Hard Drive: 1TB

Here is the solution to all of the problems related to the selection of gifts this Christmas & New Year. Your near & dear ones are definitely going to like that & you too will be the happiest person to be gifting unique things with a proper budgeting.


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