Lenovo Plans: Another Tango Enabled Device By 2017: The company’s offering was the first device with the technology but it also says it won’t be the last one. Lenovo’s General Manager of Android & Chrome i.e. Jeff Merideth mentioned recently that since other companies are also working on the new Tango Phones & are also investing into it for the coming year, the company would do the same as well.

Lenovo To Introduce Another Tango Enabled Device By 2017:

Earlier the Lenovo Phab2 Pro got some mixed reviews after releasing & it was moreover focussed on the design of the phone. The device features a fingerprint sensor that is placed very oddly & the wide array of depth sensing camera also sits above which makes it look more like any project phone. The device is a part of the Project Tango by Google whose aim is to use specialized sensors for mapping of 3D spaces in medical fields & Augmented Reality as well.

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Lenovo To Bring Another Device Based On Tango Project: By 2017

The company had a hope of more growth as about 6000 developers purchased the device online & at the events since the launch. As the first device has been already made, the second generation will be a probable one as other companies might be ahead in the game with Lenovo. As we know the fact that there are only 36 Tango capable Apps in the play store at the moment, the coming year will be seeing a huge influx & especially if there will be a competition.

Although the device is capable of doing great & cool things like playing AR games allowing precision mapping of the rooms, leading to indoor google maps, blind-aided applications & much more. You all might be aware of the first Tango project based phone i.e Lenovo Phab2 Pro & if not yet here you can go through it on our website Lenovo Phab2 Pro. It is the very first one which is based on the Google project Tango and has capability the map it’s surrounding in better ways. Other latest technologies introduced by Lenovo are also very impressive during the current year & you all can have a look at it here itself – Mind Blowing Technologies By Lenovo in 2016.


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