Samsung Galaxy S8 May Launch After MWC In April 2017: As Days are approaching for Samsung to unveils its next Smartphone, as people are excited to see what revolutionary change will Samsung offer after Note 7 failure. While Samsung is ready to launch Galaxy S8 after the event in New York after the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

Galaxy S8 May Be In Mobile World Congress 2017:

As MWC is held in Barcelona which takes place next year between February 27 and March 2, is one of the biggest smartphone events in the world and has been the stage for the release of Samsung last three flagships. As from the leaks Samsung S8 is crafted very well, the company also tries not to made any mistake this time as they have already lost many customers.

Samsung is planning to recover user heart toward Samsung as Note 7 will never be forgotten by anyone of us. This plan may harm Galaxy S8 release date as Samsung doesn’t want to make any mistake this time.

Talking about Galaxy S8 it will include many features including a new design, faster processor, lucrative design, fantastic camera and various other things which will surely lure hearts of many. This time Samsung also focus on the VR side as Android Nougat has arrived with VR capabilities industry are now shifting toward new technology and VR is one of the best. Some other VR features include 360 Photography which will be enjoyed by many people. Samsung recent Galaxy S7 also facing issue regarding heating and Samsung also verified issue but isn’t reveal about it.

Samsung this time comes with more strength and power as Apple iPhone 8 is also featuring something amazing feature which you’ll never see on any smartphone. So hoping that Samsung will soon unveil the device and it will include some amazing feature.


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