LG Batteries Reportedly Being Considered By Samsung For The Galaxy Note 8: The most talked about a phone from Samsung is nowadays the one & only Galaxy Note 8. According to The Korean Herald, Samsung will be considering for using the LG Chem batteries as a priority other than the existing suppliers for the next year’s Galaxy Note 8. Although it has not been officially said by Samsung itself yet but the sources take us to that one. It has also been reported that the Company is in talks with the competitor about having the LG Chem supplies in the future, right from the start with Galaxy Note 8 may be.

LG Batteries Reportedly Being Considered By Samsung For The Galaxy Note 8:

Samsung’s batteries were the biggest news of the current year all around the world. The company now seems more focussed on having & using powerful but much safer batteries with their devices. This battery transitioning from LG is also assumed to be a reason as resulted from recent Galaxy Note 7 explosions due to battery issues. However the main reason of its battery failure recently is not very clear yet, but Samsung must be hopingly working on to that one too.

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LG Chem Batteries: Samsung To Use In Note 8, Acc. To Sources

At present, the company gets its batteries from Samsung SDI i.e its own division & a Chinese company ATL too is the mainstream supplier for the batteries to Samsung. Although a very vast section of Galaxy Note 7 units were found to be using its own batteries from SDI unit & Samsung itself found very firstly about the faulty behaviours of them. Then after those batteries were replaced with the ones made from ATL. Although the explosions from Samsung never stopped from the following act also & continued to explode at the same rate. This was a turning point for Samsung which moved down the arrow of disappointment towards the over ambitiously designed & hardware fault from Samsung, creating too much of pressure on the phone, hence making the battery explode.

According to the reports, the idea & requirement of using LG Chem batteries instead of the SDI or ATL batteries is out of some financial reasons or due to company’s expected production scale. Moreover, if the rumors are kept true then sooner a deal may get signed between the two firms. If the reports of The Korean Herald is considered, the LG batteries will be found in Samsung’s devices later in next year’s models. Which shows that the probability of Samsung S8 getting the new batteries is very lower. If the company uses the LG Chem batteries then the latter’s share is expected to increase by 3 percent to around $220 after the deal gets completed.


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