Nokia To Show-Up Its New Android Smartphones At MWC, 2017: As told earlier in the post Smartphones Branded Nokia, Running Android about the new comer from Nokia, but this time running on Android are ready to arrrive. According to sources the company will be showing up there newly configured Android devices at the Mobile World Congress in February, 2017. The Nokia branded handsets based on Android are fully ready to arrive early next year as Nokia has also provided details for the return of the branded Tablets & Phones & its formalized licensing agreement with the HMD Global.

Nokia To Show-Up Its New Android Smartphones At MWC, 2017:

The HMD Global under a brand licensing deal is to become a new home of Nokia phones under the brand licensing deal that will be lasting for at least 10 years. Most of us are already aware obut the fact that Nokia already had experimented with Android just ahad of the Microsoft’s acquisition.

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At MWC, Feb, 2017: Nokia To Show Its Android Based Smartphones

Details of a new handset from the company has also emerged out in all these disclosures & that is about the Nokia Z2 Plus. The Nokia Z2 Plus has turned ip on the Geekbench benchmarks & according to sources, the device will be coming with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor & might feature 4 GB of RAM also. The two lined up phones i.e Nokia Z2 Plus & Nokia Z2 which are to be announced might get featured with different screen sizes at the event.

We will have to wait till the Feb, 2017 for the official announcements by Nokia about its new devices & its full specifications at the MWC. So like this we are left waiting until the early next year to see if the dream of an Android powered Nokia phone will be truly capable to compete with other powerful brands like Apple, the recently popular in smartphone sector i.e Google, Samsung & many other popular brands which are known for their Android based devices among the users.


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