Apple March Event May Not Have iPad Due To Poor Yield Chip: People who are very fond to Apple’s iPad and waiting for the next year’s launch of iPad, there is a news which may not be liked by them. But as they are waiting and wants to be updated with the every news about the launch of upcoming iPad, this news may be helpful for them.

Due To Poor Yield Rate In Chip, iPad Update In  Upcoming March Event May Delay:

Previously it was rumored that the next iPad will come in March 2017 but now there may be some delay in its launch. The reason for the delay is  “lower than expected” yield rates for the 10- nanometer manufacturing process as suggested by sources in  Apple’s supply chain. Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company and Samsung that are working on Apple’s 10-nanometer chip are said to be facing a lot of problems with their 10nm processes. Production of A10X chips in the next generation of iPads may also be delayed by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.

Apple generally uses the same manufacturing process for “X” labeled chips and by using the 16-nanometer process, the current generation A10 chip was crafted. While it is still not confirmed that whether in new iPad line more efficient  10nm chip will be used or not for more efficiency.  If the company uses A10X chip in the new generation iPad it will make the iPad more powerful and efficient than iPad having A10 chip.

It is reported that TSMC has received orders of the 10nm chip from Apple. However, The production rate of 10nm process technology by TSMC is are less than expected, said by sources. As suggested by recent rumors that upcoming iPads in 2017 will have three models:

  • 9.7-inch version,
  • 10.9-inch version, And
  • 12.9-inch version

10.9-inch version will be different from the rest of having all new bezel-free model. This bezel free model will also be free from home button and said to be thicker iPad at 7.5 mm than current 9.7- inch iPad pro which is 6.1 mm thick. It is also reported that TSMC also has the orders to produce A11 chips that will be used in upcoming iPhone 8.

Instead, the upcoming iPhone may face the delay in its launch due to the issue but it definitely expected to be powerful in its work efficiency. So you may have to wait for little more to have it but when it will be available,  hopefully, this iPad will be good enough to satisfy its user by its better efficiency.


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