A New Setup Of Windows 10 Being Developed By Microsoft Powered By Cortana: Be Ready To Experience: At present Microsoft is working on a very new set up for Windows 10 to be experienced by the users & guess what that will be powered by none other than the very intelligent personal assistant i.e Cortana. Be ready to get yet another great experience of using Windows 10 sooner. It is brought to your knowledge that the newer setup will enable users to work on Windows 10 with voice commands.

Windows 10 New Setup Experience Powered By Cortana: Will Alow To Work With More Ease:

The internal builds of Windows 10 from the latest one, have a new experience by default & is working via listening the user & taking some voice commands like “Next” after proper narration from Cortana. This news was not as much of surprising while considering Microsoft’s goal for Cortana to compete from other devices & their applications. Although it would be very difficult to build a Windows 10 device without a screen while setting it up, if similar setup experience for the voice was not there.

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Windows 10 New Setup Experience: Powered By Cortana

The Company is also very much involved in improving the setup User Interface for such devices which do not have screens, that would be possible through providing options for turning voice activation switching features. By the time the Creators Update gets ready, these changes are more likely to show up in the next Insider build may be.

All the users who had a great long experience of using Cortana, may be knowing the ease of performing different tasks within fraction of time frames. Also the users who are not willing for Cortana to setup their device, they are free to choose from the options of using Touch, keyboard or Mouse input methods. Those devices that do not have any such input methods will be mostly benefited through this Cortana experience for Windows 10 setup. Hope from Microsoft for the best options the next year, may be along with the Creators Update it all may come to you.


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