Apple’s Complete List Of Event & Product Launch In 2016: As we are leaving 2016 and entering 2017 we have seen many ups and down of many brands this year as today we are discussing things happen at in 2016. We wrote this article to give the whole scenario of 2016 as what product Apple release this year, how those products perform in a market and various other things. As this year is mixed for Apple as sales are really harsh for them, while new gadgets made a really good appearance among customer. So without further ado lets get started,

List Of Apple’s Event And Product Launch In 2016:

Apple Sales

Apple Sales Report 2016
Apple Sales Report 2016

For Apple 2016 is really harsh for them as the first time they have seemed a decline in an annual sale after 1997. Apple is basically based for iPhone since the last 10-year much another product lineup like Mac, iPod, AirPort and various other product feel inferior which cause Apple to lose little sales. While Apple somehow manages to increase sale online products like iTunes and App Store which are becoming a big major platform for Apple to grow. As Apple App Store alone $5 Billion in recent quarter which is major for Apple. As App Store Sales are beating Mac product earring in total.

iPhone Sales Decline

Apple this year is unable to beat the last year sales of new iPhone 7 won’t create much impact for Apple. As the failure of Galaxy Note 7 adds more for this year iPhone, as customers are frustrated to buy same design product from last three year. Various other reasons like extra taxes in EU and various other taxes cause Apple decline Apple sales. While in a market like Chine which early this year show a new selling country for Apple now boycotting using iPhone which also causes Apple decline in sales.

So these are the sales report which Apple has to face this year as Apple somehow unable to match user expectation, as Apple is also not able to adopting new Product like VR or AR which shows great success this year.

So now we are going to talk more about product and services which Apple released this year and how they are performing so far.

1).March Event

Apple March 2016 Event iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7"
Apple March 2016 Event iPhone SE and iPad Pro 9.7″

iPad Pro 9.7 & iPhone SE

Apple releases both of this product in March Event, as iPad Pro 9.7 comes with various improvements like new true tone display, better camera, Apple Pencil support, Apple Keyboard and various other things. iPhone SE was surprised for customers who won’t able to get iPhone 6s level performance in iPhone 5s form factor. As these products perform really good among customer and review also loved this product and give a positive review.

2).June Event

Apple June 2016 Event Developers
Apple June 2016 Event Developers

macOS Sierra, iOS 10, watchOS 3 and tvOS

Apple June event is always meant for developers and Apple showed really awesome products in the event like new macOS Sierra which includes many features like Siri, Apple Pay, Auto Unlock and various other things. iOS 10 has received a significant update since its release as Apple has to change significant slide to unlock to press home to unlock and various other things. Apple also introduces new Swift update and some update to watchOS and tvOS.

As after the event iOS, 10 update is most recognize among user as its adoption rate now crosses 90% of total iOS device.

3).September Event

Apple September Event 2016 iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods
Apple September Event 2016 iPhone, Apple Watch, Airpods

iPhone 7, 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2 and AirPods

As this event is a most expected event around the globe as the whole world is eating for new iPhone 7 as it most-watched Apple event of all time. New iPhone 7 include a various change from inside but remains same from out. Apple Watch Series 2 all get some improvement like Water Proofing, GPS, and Brighter Display. Apple AirPods is a revolutionary product as AirPods is working according to you when you want to stop the music, how to interact directly with your phone and how to connect with your device AirPods know each and everything which made this device smart headphone.

4).October Event

Apple October Event 2016 MacBook Pro
Apple October Event 2016 MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro TouchBar

As Mac family is ready to meet their new product lineup while Mac fans are also expecting something really great coming in MacBook Pro after four-year model. But when the product arrives it hurt many customers as they won’t get as expected while some who purchased it are having trouble with battery life there is various drawback which Apple won’t figure out at the time of development. As Apple still working on many problems regarding customer satisfaction, while this is the first time after 10 years that MacBook is not able to come in customer suggestion notebook.

While this event gives great drawback for core Pro fans as Mac Pro which was released in 2013 has not been upgraded since, MacBook Air which was released in 2012 also won’t receive any upgrade, iMac, and Mac Mini are also not able to capture Tim attention this year.


Some product lineup like iPod touch, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, Mac Display, AirPort Device and various other are not been seen by Apple since a long time as these products help Apple to gain some revenue but Apple won’t able to bring this product in a new form.

Some rumors like Apple Car has also been a hot topic of the year as various investment Didi’s China’s Taxi Brand which may rumor to appear Apple Car.

So these are the event which happens this year while some products like iPhone 7, AirPods and various other are performing really good in the market. While other products like Airport family are going to disappear from Apple Site.

As next year is coming expectation for Apple device are more as next year Apple is going to launch iPhone 8, iPad Pro 2, Apple Watch 3, Apple TV 5th Gen, Mac Device and may some rumored device. As Apple is showing some interest in a Virtual world like Augmented reality as Digital Reality is Future.

Hope you may like this post for Apple as these companies are really working hard to make space in your heart. Hope Apple will regain more success in future, Apple is going to held their next event in Apple Campus so get excited to hear more about Apple Campus. Thanks for reading this and best of luck for Apple.


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