Apple Campus 2 Update Till December: Apple Campus 2 construction is in its full swing expected to be complete in early 2017.Beautiful coverage of this mega project is provided by 4K Drone videos just for the fans, uploaded by Mathe Robert. In these videos, we can see the progress of construction of the Apple Campus 2 which will be the future headquarter of Apple inc. in 2017. This building is circular in shape so it is also called as Apple “spaceship”. The circular design of the building is giving a beautiful appearance. These two videos are taken on the day of Christmas i.e. 25th December 2016.

The circular building structure is looking fabulous in Drone video. In the video below, we can see that almost 65% of solar installation is completed, you can see the Rows of Apple solar panels as well. You will also see the different types of trees that are planted around AC2. Auditorium Reception Area also is shown in progress. The auditorium will host events, have café, fitness center, and a visitor’s center. Walkways are also created to facilitate the employees to get to and from the various sites Apple is building. After effects of rain are also seen as most of the campus in the mud is seen in the video.

Apple in the next year probably shifts in its new headquarter after completing its construction in early 2017.

We let you know that  Apple campus 2 will be its second campus in Cupertino, California having covering 2.8 million square feet area. Construction of the campus was started in 2013. Apple campus 2 was designed by late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs along with Norman Foster.


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