AirPods “A Runaway Success” Said By Tim Cook: Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was seen at New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday with his nephew. When he arrived so many questions were there for him but the questions about the very recent launch of Apple’s Airpods was highlighted most. Cook said about the sale of AirPods  “a runaway success”, on giving an answer to questions about the selling of AirPods after it’s launch this month. He also added that the company is working on making more AirPods as fast as they can to make it available for customers so that demand will be fulfilled.

Tim Cook Said AirPods “A Runaway Success”:

The excitement in the customers about Apple’s AirPods which are totally wireless earbuds is on its extreme level. The demand of AirPods are very high as a limited quantity of AirPods is supplied in Retail Stores and that are sell out quickly. The first order of AirPods was taken on 13th December 2016. Earlier Apple’s wireless AirPods was planned to release in October but due to some technical issues in the product its launch was delayed for about six weeks. Cook’s visit was as a private citizen, not any official with Apple. Saying not so much about the product, he described his visit to New York as “great holiday”.

It is very unclear about how many units of AirPods were ready before its launch and how fast Apple is making that. Cook’s statement was not able to clear the doubt about Apple’s AirPods supply and its availability. He just seems to give the positive statement in his usual way that very obvious you had expected from him after the release of Apple product.

All we know about the sale of AirPods only in the terms that Cook is already giving to us. Next month Apple will present its quarterly earnings, then AirPods sales are likely to be added into Apple’s “other product” category, included Beats, iPods, Apple Watches, Apple TVs, and other devices.

Till the date, we got very little information about the success of AirPods so it is very difficult to say about the how well AirPods are doing right now. We just have to wait for the time when the success of AirPods will be provided by Apple in figures.


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