Apple AirPods Growing Demand Causing Company Grow Production Demand: As Apple release their AirPods finally but it is unable to match the demand of this “runaway success” as Apple is still able to sell AirPods only U.S. no expansion is possible yet. Apple performs fairly well in the holiday sales as compared to their counterparts. The product which most attract customers towards itself is Apple’s AirPods.

Airpods Dominance In Market Leads To Production Growth:

A brief report in China’s Economic Daily Times which says that Apple’s AiPods manufacturers which made the product in China “Inventec” are expanding capacity in order to meet strong demand. Apple somehow unable to maintain stocks in the market as People approach AirPods is really positive.

In the report Inventec reported that they recently started expanding capacity at its Shanghai plants in order to satisfy increasing demand for the earphones and the plants are currently working overtime to deliver order…

Inventec declined to comment on this stand.

Talking about AirPods recent review are showing positive sign toward Apple iPhone 7 no headphone jack decisions. As Apple has fulfilled their customer demands so they are satisfied with the product. Some people are complaining about AirPods battery issue.

Apple US website is showing six months wait for the shipment which means that Apple is great demand for AirPods and is no way near for Apple to sell their product across the globe until fulfilling U.S. demand. Apple is also wanted us to wait for their other products like beat x headphone which also include W1 Chipset which they announced in the event.

We also tried new Apple AirPods and we also give a review of the product soon, while until now we can suggest that you must try this product. Hope you see on the review of this device until then good bye.


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